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Best Of Bitcoin Magazine

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolution brought on by necessity: Fundamental problems with the world’s prevailing economic systems, combined with the advent of the internet, mandated the rise of a natively-digital alternative. These stories help articulate the reasons why Bitcoin has emerged and it has become the alternative of choice.

Bitcoin Pioneers

Bitcoin is free of third-party gatekeepers, shareholders and policymakers. But some individuals have paved the way for the technology in outsized ways.

Adopting Bitcoin

In Bitcoin’s relatively short history, people from all corners of the globe have found ways to leverage it and improve their lives. As Bitcoin finds its footing in more places around the world, stories of adoption remind us why this technology’s community of supporters is so important

Sovereignty And Security

First and foremost, Bitcoin is a tool that offers sovereignty from governments and financial institutions and programmed security from bad actors. But true sovereignty and security of funds must be worked toward and fought for, even with Bitcoin as their foundational layer. These stories help strengthen that fight.

Making Bitcoin More Private

Bitcoin is not private, it is merely pseudonymous. But, with the importance of privacy baked directly into its core ideals, many Bitcoiners have developed powerful privacy-enhancing techniques for use in combination with the base technology.

Bitcoin's Worst Hacks And Scams

As a relatively complex technology with no public face, no central authority and lots of money at stake, Bitcoin has seen its fair share of hacks and scams. But what can these unfortunate events teach us about the future of the technology and how we should be protecting ourselves today?

Core Protocol

Ultimately, the rules that make Bitcoin what it is are determined by the Core protocol and, in a sense, the story of Bitcoin is the story of this open-source project.

Bitcoin Forks

Forks are a unique result of Bitcoin’s network consensus requirements, which have resulted in some complex yet critical divisions in the network.

The Lightning Network

The Lightning Network is Bitcoin’s most popular second layer network, designed to facilitate cheap, fast and private payments. As the Lightning Network grows, so too does Bitcoin’s potential to facilitate every transaction in the world.

Scaling On Top Of Bitcoin

With a programmed block size cap, relatively slow transaction times and other fundamental limitations, Bitcoin requires scaling efforts to reach its full potential. As Bitcoin’s most infamous block size scaling debate, the SegWit chronicles have much to teach us about the technology’s history and potential. And, beyond the Lightning Network, many other scaling projects have emerged to add new features and use cases to Bitcoin’s toolkit.


Bitcoin mining is a central process to the technology. Through mining, new bitcoin are released into the ecosystem, double spending is prevented and transactions are verified. If you care about Bitcoin, you’ll need to pay attention to what’s happening in mining.

You can’t tell the story of Bitcoin without providing fundamental information about some of its related projects. Whether they help Bitcoiners maintain privacy, secure freedom or iterate on foundational decentralization, these projects are ultimately part of BTC, even if they’re seperate.