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The Federal Reserve is acting on behalf of commercial banking interests to crush asset prices. Can bitcoin compete in a world of coordinated inflation top photo?

Long-Term Holders And Derivative Market Traders See Opportunity With The Current Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin trading above the 50-day simple moving average is a bullish indicator for the bitcoin price and many long-term holders are taking note.

Bitcoin was discovered, not created, and is a cultural philosophy and idea top photo.

Bitcoin Will Lead Us To A More Virtuous World

Rare is the successful revolution whose new regime is kinder, gentler and more just than the one it replaces. We must strive to protect the spirit of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a key that unlocks a metaphorical prison cell top photo.

Saving Private Keys From The Courts

Courts and regulatory entities shouldn’t be allowed to impose their uninformed thoughts on Bitcoin private keys in the form of law.

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Bitcoin Air-Gapped Computers are more secure, better Header Images, and they fly through canyons high like the bitcoin price top photo.

Just How Big Is The Everything Bubble?

Certain indicators of equity valuations exhibit overvaluation now. In the future investors will look for alternative assets to park their wealth.

A new service is aiming to bridge the gap between employees who want to find work in the Bitcoin industry and employers at Bitcoin companies top photo.

Bitcoin Miner Genesis Digital Secures 708 MW Capacity, Expects To Create 600 Jobs

The U.S. based bitcoin miner looks to create over new 600 jobs and scale beyond the secured 708 MW capacity.

Bitcoin SV Creator Craig Wright has reportedly lost his latest legal battle, with the judge questioning his credibility.

Philippine Central Bank Halts Bitcoin, Crypto Service Provider Approvals For Three Years

The central bank stated virtual asset service providers pose a great risk but will allow existing businesses to continue operations or expand.

Bitcoin Price

World’s Largest Asset Manager BlackRock Launches Spot Bitcoin Private Trust

After announcing it would enable bitcoin trading services, $10 trillion BlackRock now offers spot bitcoin exposure to institutions in a private trust.

As surveillance efforts in our society intensify, Bitcoin offers a pseudonymous, even potentially anonymous, lifeline for privacy top photo.

The War On Financial Privacy Is Escalating

The stakes have never been higher. The state is losing its grasp of control over the people and it is doubling down on utter incompetence and nefariousness.

Decentralized Law Vs Centralized Legislation - Bitcoin is a form of governance and regulation that is separate rule top photo.

What The Sanctioning Of Tornado Cash Means For Bitcoin

What Ethereum’s Tornado Cash protocol being blacklisted by the government means for Bitcoin, and how to read the consumer price index print.


Vinteum Launches Funding Bitcoin Developers In Brazil, Latin America

The non-profit will provide educational onboarding and funding for Bitcoin developers in Brazil and globally furthering Bitcoin’s decentralized global nature.

Payments - Bitcoin Accepted as Payment Option by Major US Electronics Company

OpenNode, Launch Cart To Launch Bitcoin Payments For Ecommerce Companies

OpenNode will provide infrastructure for Launch Cart to leverage Bitcoin’s Lightning Network allowing any business on the platform to accept bitcoin as payment.

Printing money from the Federal Reserve causes inflation, and bitcoin fixes this top photo.

U.S. Inflation Slowed To 8.5% In July. Bitcoin Claims $24,000

U.S. CPI data came lighter than expected at 8.5% in July, but rampant inflation is still present in the energy sector; bitcoin jumps.

Jan Pleskač (on the left) and Evžen Englberth, founders Tropic Square

Tropic Square To Launch Prototype For Open-Source Chips Used In Bitcoin Hardware

The open-source development of Tropic’s secure chip allows the team to iterate based on community and expert feedback to change the landscape of security.


Motiv Inc. Launches 16 Circular Bitcoin Economies In Peru

The NGO announced 16 circular bitcoin economies are operational In Peru after establishing educational material empowering the financially excluded communities.

Bitcoin is a first step toward antifragility, but there are many other factors to consider when aiming toward self-sovereignty throughout one’s life.

Finding The Path To A Parallel Bitcoin Economy

Texas Slim’s Beef Initiative provides a model for bitcoin adoption to connect Bitcoiners with necessary tradesmen in direct, peer-to-peer exchange.

Law, regulation, gavel, court.

Treasury Sanctions Open-Source Software

The U.S. Treasury sanctioned the Tornado Cash mixing tool, setting a precedent for blocking financial privacy and censoring open-source code.

There are countless elements in Bitcoin that structurally instill the process of Schumpeterian creative destruction into its ecosystem top photo.

Tales From Europe: Eurozone Crisis Shows The Argument For Bitcoin

The very thing suppressing bitcoin’s price in the short term is exactly what can make it so valuable in the long term.

The CBDC one eyed monster is a villain and evil creature frog

The Stablecoin Monster: CBDCs Are A Red Herring

What Ethereum’s upcoming fork can teach us about governance, stablecoins, centralization bottle-necks and the ever-important U.S. dollar system.