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Op-ed - Op Ed: How Bitcoin’s Protocol of Peace Can End the Nuclear Age

Bitcoin Is A Currency Of Love That Inspires Action For Peace

Bitcoin was created as an act of love by Satoshi for the world, which is why it continues to promote the same selflessness.

Bitcoin is a hourglass of ideas money and cultural significance top photo.

Bitcoin Is The New Retirement Strategy

Secure in custody and monetary policy, Bitcoin is the retirement asset capable of withstanding the challenges of the future.

Bitcoin Ekasi is a village in South Africa that is a small township and bitcoin beach style house top photo.

Bitcoin Ekasi: The Township One Year Later

Modeled after Bitcoin Beach, a South African township attests to the opportunities of a bootstrapped bitcoin economy.

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Bitcoin is the best form of private property that we have, a digital cash bearer asset unlike homes real estate and other altcoin copies top photo.

The Financialization Of Real Estate Is The Problem, Bitcoin Is The Solution

Some claim that Bitcoiners are the cause of price increases in developing countries’ real estate markets, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

A recent note from JPMorgan Chase suggested the bank realizes that bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. But what do the rent seekers really think top photo.

Jamie Dimon’s Warning About Economic Projections

Jamie Dimon’s leaked comments with predictions for the global economy and geopolitics paint a bleak picture about the state of the economy at large.

Stepping on a rake is a metaphor for making mistakes like shitcoiners and altcoiners make when not believing only in bitcoin top photo.

The Ethereum Merge: Risks, Flaws And The Pitfalls Of Centralization

Ethereum’s switch to proof-of-stake is scheduled for mid-September. What are the possible risks? How does it work compared to Bitcoin’s proof-of-work consensus?

Bitcoin is a unique mix of ideas technology and interesting applications top photo.

Accounting For Bitcoin And Digital Assets: Everyone Loves Controversy

Current accounting guidelines provide virtually no upside for companies with bitcoin on their balance sheet — but this could change.

Law & justice - Bitfinex

Craig Wright Vs. Hodlonaut: A Timeline Of The Legal Battle

A timeline of events leading to seven days in Norwegian court for BSV Founder Craig Wright and pseudonymous Bitcoiner Hodlonaut.

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 11.44.08 AM

Built With Bitcoin Completes Clean Water Project For 1,000 Nigerian Villagers

The project, funded with bitcoin, provided the Igbaruku village with clean water, where the community previously had to travel miles to reach a contaminated water source.

A bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund could unlock $8 billion in value for investors if the SEC approves Grayscale’s bid to convert GBTC to an ETF top photo.

Monochrome Eyes Spot Bitcoin ETF In Australia, U.S. Lags Behind

The fund’s responsible entity partner received unique licensure which will give investors more transparent and direct exposure to bitcoin through a spot ETF.

Sports and bitcoin are a common intersection, especially American football top photo.

NFL Team Houston Texans Now Accepts Bitcoin For Single Game Suites

Fans of the team will be able to purchase single game suites with bitcoin and BitWallet will convert the cryptocurrency to fiat for the Texans.

Bitcoin Ekasi is a village in South Africa that is a small township and bitcoin beach style house top photo.

Bitcoin Ekasi: The Township One Year Later

Modeled after Bitcoin Beach, a South African township attests to the opportunities of a bootstrapped bitcoin economy.

Bitcoin miners use ASIC mining rigs to verify transactions, secure the blockchain and broadcast, or speak. Top photo.

Bitcoin Miner Riot Q2 Update Underscores Market Conditions, Holds Over 6,000 BTC

The company still holds a large treasury and ramped up its infrastructure through a $14 million bitcoin sale and dumping over 30 million shares onto the market.

Charts and analysis can help predict where the bitcoin price is headed using technical indicators top photo.

The Base, Bull And Bear Cases For Bitcoin Returns In 2022

Analyzing Federal Reserve policy decisions in addition to data from the purchasing managers’ index can give us three scenarios for the bitcoin price.

Bitcoin transactions can be thought of as agreements between two parties, shaking hands as one spends bitcoin and the other accepts it. Top photo.

Making Lifelong Friendships Through Common Ground In Bitcoin

Bitcoiners often share similar values and are out to achieve the same mission. This alignment creates strong relationships with people from around the world.

The Fiat Standard as ruined family, relationships love and sex as this raincloud making people sad shows us that money is bad.

Getting Stuff For Free Costs A Fortune

While many people cheered their stimulus checks, those same people are unaware of the long-term price they’re paying for endlessly increasing monetary units.

The surge of at-home and small-scale bitcoin miners is driving new hardware offerings, hosting services and a return to the practice’s roots top photo.

Bitcoin Is Mathematically Perfect With Patterns Of The Universe

There are mathematical patterns throughout Bitcoin that repeatedly result in the numbers 3, 6 and 9, which show it may be the key to the universe.

Time is money, and printing fiat money makes bitcoin more valuable and makes currency melt top photo.

Examining The Nixon Shock Decisions That Would Lead To Bitcoin

In hindsight, several particular decisions made in the 20th century created an environment that necessitated bitcoin.