While the United States of America propagates the U.S. dollar, some of the powers of the U.S. support Bitcoin.

National Republican Congressional Committee To Accept Bitcoin Donations

The National Republican Congressional Committee has become the first national party committee to solicit bitcoin donations.

Privacy & security - Phishing Scam Hits LocalBitcoins

Inside The Scam: Victims Of Ledger Hack Are Receiving Fake Hardware Wallets

A new attack vector following the Ledger data breach of July 2020 involves sending convincing but fake hardware wallets to victims.

The recent ruling that national banks can custody bitcoin raises questions

World Bank Refuses To Help El Salvador Implement Bitcoin, Citing “Transparency Shortcomings”

Revealing misunderstandings, the World Bank has rejected El Salvador's request for assistance in implementing a bitcoin standard.

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Mining machines, also called mining rigs or ASICs, are used by bitcoin miners to mine bitcoin.

Local Reports Indicate Bitcoin Miners In Sichuan Have Been Ordered To Shut Down

Officials in Sichuan, a major bitcoin mining hub in China, have reportedly issued a shutdown order for bitcoin mining operations there.

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast Template

Interview: Why Bitcoin Is 1,000-Times Bigger Than Digital Gold With Aaron Segal

Aaron Segal joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss the “bitcoin as digital gold” narrative.

Mining machines, also called mining rigs or ASICs, are used by bitcoin miners to mine bitcoin.

Miner Capitulation Is Putting Pressure On The Bitcoin Price

An excerpt from Bitcoin Magazine's Deep Dive: How Bitcoin miner capitulation is driving the bitcoin price down.

Op-ed - Op Ed: Bitcoin in Africa

The Marathon: Ethiopia And Bitcoin

The African country is primed to embrace bitcoin, culturally and economically.

Law, regulation, gavel, court.

Banning Bitcoin Is Like Herding Cats

If the U.S. attempted to ban bitcoin, an endless digital game of whack-a-mole would ensue.

Bitcoin mining company Bitfarms is taking advantage of Québec’s hydropower and new Chinese mining equipment to expand operations.

Bitcoin Mining Firm Bitfarms To Be Traded On Nasdaq

Toronto-based Bitcoin mining firm Bitfarms expects to begin trading under “BITF” on the Nasdaq stock market on June 21.

When the bitcoin price rises that is known as a bull market and many things about investment in BTC make people bullish.

Bitcoin Is The Steak Of Money

The connection between carnivory and bitcoin is one that intrigues those outside and inside of this niche culture-cross.

Op Ed: Why We Can All Feel Thankful for Bitcoin

Lessons From The Winklevoss Twins On Overcoming Mental Health Stigma

Mental health is a serious issue that affects the Bitcoin community as much as any other — and should not be stigmatized.

Morgan Stanley is a legacy financial institution that will inevitably embrace Bitcoin.

NYDIG, FS Investments File To Offer Another Bitcoin Fund Through Morgan Stanley

A new filing with the SEC indicates that another Morgan Stanley bitcoin fund will stem from the partnership of NYDIG and FS Investments.

Satoshi Nakamoto, pseudonymous (not anonymous) founder of Bitcoin and its Genesis Block, is often depicting with a Guy Fawkes mask.

Video Showing Media Bias Around Bitcoin And Black Audiences Prompts Questions About Culture

A video suggesting that a local news producer omitted Bitcoin stories for black audiences raised questions about biases and Bitcoin culture.

Bitcoin miners utilize special machines called mining rigs or ASICs.

Genesis Digital Assets Buys 10,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs From Canaan

Bitcoin mining firm Genesis Digital Assets has bought 10,000 bitcoin mining rigs from Canaan, advancing a partnership that started in April.

Bitcoin Optech was founded in 2018 to bridge the worlds of open-source development and companies.

Bitcoin Optech #153: Locking In Taproot

This week’s newsletter celebrates the lock-in of Taproot, describes a draft BIP for improving transaction privacy and more.

When Bitcoin projects, businesses and platforms raise money (fundraise), they receive large amounts of capital in fiat.

Swiss Bitcoin Investment App Relai Raises $2.7 Million

Switzerland-based bitcoin investment app Relai raised more than $2.7 million in a series A round and now seeks to build a proprietary broker.

Bitcoin is awesome.

MicroStrategy Is Writing The Corporate Bitcoin Accumulation Playbook

An excerpt from Bitcoin Magazine's Deep Dive: Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy continues to lead the corporate world in BTC accumulation.

- Week 2: How the Bitcoin Cash “Hash War” Came and Went and Not Much Happened

Plebs Versus Patricians In Ancient Rome — What Can Bitcoiners Learn?

The ancient lower class struggled against the ruling patricians, much as bitcoiners struggle against modern monoliths today.