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Discussing Bitcoin Core 0.21.0

This episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado” covers the latest major release of the Bitcoin Core software and its most important changes.

Bitcoin billionaire Zhao Dong expects the BTC price to surge in the near future, while John McAfee has predicted BTC will be worth $1 million by the end of 2020.
Bitcoin 2017 Vs. 2021: How This Bull Run Is Different

Bitcoin’s all-time price highs in 2021 have crushed records set in 2017. But that’s not the only way in which this bull run is different.

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino talks about the challenges and expectations for the exchange’s recent integration of Lightning Network deposits and withdrawals.
OKCoin To Integrate Lightning Network

OKCoin has announced that it will integrate Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, reducing transaction fees and deposit/withdrawal times.

Interview: How To Store Your Bitcoin

Shift Crypto’s Douglas Bakkum joins the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss his inspiration, the BitBox02 and bitcoin cold storage.

Interview: Making Bitcoin Accessible For Everyone With Randy McMillian

Randy McMillan joins “Taco Plebs” to discuss his work to make Bitcoin accessible to everyone, even the visually and tactile impaired.

China’s central bank will run the top layer of its forthcoming digital currency and business institutions will run the second layer.
What Does The Digital Yuan Mean For Bitcoin?

The forthcoming introduction of a digital yuan in China is the latest in the ongoing battle between fiat currencies and bitcoin.

Startups - This Bitcoin Startup Is Working on Free Speech Alternatives to Patreon
The Great Migration: As Speech Is Censored, Bitcoin Finds Mastodon

Following the deplatforming of Donald Trump and crackdown on “undesirable” social media use, Bitcoiners migrated from Twitter to Mastodon.

Blockstream’s Grubles and Locha Mesh’s Randy Brito weigh in on the promise of mesh networks to keep Bitcoin alive without the internet.
Bitcoiners Run Hardware

If Bitcoiners truly strive for permissionless freedom, they should run their own hardware free from centralized third parties.

Bitcoin Following Another Government Letdown

This episode of “Fed Watch” covered the broad macroeconomic atmosphere in which bitcoin finds itself.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Bitcoin Mining In North America

Your guide to the latest trends from North America’s bitcoin mining companies, pools, firmware providers and financial services companies.

Op-ed - Debunking Bitcoin Myths: "It’s Only for Criminals"
Stop The Bitcoin FUD: Criminal Cryptocurrency Transactions Are Falling

Despite the “bitcoin is for criminals” narrative, the proportion of criminal cryptocurrency transactions was less than 1 percent in 2020.

If bitcoin is the next and final global money, then by definition (and by design) it is already circular.
The Second Order Effects Of Bitcoin: Digitization, Decentralization And Deflation

With digitized money and a deflationary economy, Bitcoin will usher in second order effects that will reshape the nature of societies.

Grayscale Investments took in $255 million in Q3 2019, setting a new quarterly record, despite the fact that the bitcoin price has dipped.
With Record Bitcoin Buys, How Are Grayscale’s Investors Doing?

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) just bought a record 16,244 bitcoin. So, how does investing in the fund work?

Regulation - Pakistan Introduces Crypto Regulation
Tracing The Growth Of Bitcoin In Pakistan

With growing adoption and state-sponsored mining in Pakistan, what does the country’s Bitcoin present and future look like?

Interview: Cryptograffiti On “Bitcoin Vs. The Fed”

Cryptograffiti, one of Bitcoin’s most prolific artists discussed, his latest billboard project “Bitcoin Vs. The Fed.”

Op-ed - Op Ed: Why Bitcoin’s “Toxic” Maximalism Makes Sense
Are Bitcoiners A**holes?

“We are aware of the importance of being early adopters and our ability to see where things are headed if we don’t correct course.”

Over 30 percent of Chinese cryptocurrency investors think the bitcoin price will surpass $30,000 in the next 12 months, according to a recent survey.
CoinShares Offers Institutional On-Ramp With Physically-Backed Bitcoin ETP

CoinShares has announced an exchange-traded product physically backed by bitcoin to entice institutions into Plan B.

The Lightning Network has unleashed an entirely new set of accounting, audit and tax challenges. But how will they be resolved?
Good Griefing: A Lingering Vulnerability On Lightning Network That Still Needs Fixing

The potential for “griefing” attacks on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is a serious threat. Here’s how they work and why they deserve a fix.

Expanding The Network of Bitcoin ATM
Have I Already Missed My Time To Buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s price rise may make you feel like you’ve missed the boat, but simple supply and demand economics say otherwise.

There is a need to strengthen the Bitcoin ecosystem for mobile-only regions by lowering the bandwidth requirements for participating.
The Sudden, Unexpected End of Crypto Tribalism

The last decade has been good to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But this growth will soon necessitate an end to community infighting.

Exploring Drivechain, A Miner-Secured Bitcoin Sidechain

In this episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado,” the hosts are joined by Ruben Somsen to discuss the sidechain project Drivechain.

Bitcoin Price Analysis
Why Bitcoin Is One Of The Most Undervalued Assets In 2021

Despite BTC’s price gains in 2020, the failings of our fiat monetary system demonstrate that bitcoin is still significantly undervalued.

European Central Bank presidential nominee Christine Lagarde appears open to cryptocurrency and aware of its potential for social good.
How Money Printing Really Works

We all know that money printer go brrr. But how does the fiat money supply really get increased and what does this mean for our economy?

Bitcoin In 2021: A New Hope

In this episode of “Fed Watch,” the hosts presented a vision of the next year that only the Bitcoin space can offer.