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Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency because of three essential factors: elegant design, the solving of a real problem and resilience.
Why Won’t Bitcoin Die? Because You Need It

Bitcoin is not a speculative bubble fueled by degenerate gamblers. It’s capital flight from collapsing fiat currencies.

Taproot Activation And LOT=True Vs. LOT=False

On this episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado,” the hosts discussed the lock-in on timeout (LOT) parameter for potential Taproot activation.

In worldwide surveys on Facebook’s Libra, respondents have indicated overwhelming distrust of the digital currency.
Bitcoin Has No Real Use For DeFi In Its Current Form

A wave of decentralized finance (DeFi) products, mostly built on Ethereum, has some wondering if Bitcoin could benefit from the ecosystem.

Op Ed: In China, It’s Blockchain and Tyranny vs Bitcoin and Freedom
The Utter Futility Of A Bitcoin Ban

History has demonstrated that when regulators attempt to intrude on liberties, individuals find workarounds.

A judge has determined that Coinbase will have to answer to a lawsuit over its listing of bitcoin cash in court.
Coinbase Files S-1 Registration Ahead Of Going Public

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has revealed user and revenue details in an SEC filing ahead of going public.

The cryptocurrency exchange says a ban of users in Hong Kong, Bermuda and the Seychelles is to avoid conflict of interest with its operating company.
BitMEX Operator Continues Support Of Bitcoin Core Maintainer Fanquake With $100,000 Grant

As part of its Open-Source Developer Grant Program, BitMEX’s operator has granted $100,000 to Bitcoin Core Maintainer Michael Ford.

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Bitcoin, The Alternative To Pandemonium