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leger announcement stax

Ledger Announces New Ledger Stax Wallet

The company unveiled a new stylish hardware wallet designed by a former Apple engineer at a Paris event today.

Bitcoin miners, utilizing ASICs, are incentivized to find cheap power and often turn to renewable, green and sustainable energy sources. Top photo

African Bitcoin Mining Firm Gridless Raises $2 Million In Funding Round Led By Stillmark, Block Inc.

The mining company focuses on rural communities in East Africa and intends to increase electricity and energy access for the region.

Architects of Paraguay’s Bitcoin legislation argue that its regulatory framework is the best way to foster a mining industry in the country top photo.

Paraguay Legislature Fails To Pass Bill Regulating Bitcoin Mining

The country did not pass a bill that would have clarified rules regarding the cost of electricity imposed on bitcoin miners.

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The bitcoin price when carefully studied on a chart using analysis tells us what technical indicators are doing top photo.

Despite Strong On-Chain Metrics, Macro Headwinds Remain

Bitcoin has seen major capitulation from all-time highs and on-chain indicators suggest the worst may be behind us, but significant macro challenges remain.

There are two paths society can take in the future, one of digital progress and one of industrial waste. Bitcoin enables the future. Top photo

Bitcoin Is A Humanistic Alternative To Technological Salvation

Bitcoin will shape the future of humanity in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The path forward to hyperbitcoinization is a long road of sound money and tech. top photo

Adopting Bitcoin: El Salvador Has Work To Do, But The Experiment Is Worth Celebrating

Visiting El Salvador for the Adopting Bitcoin conference showed that the country’s experiment needs more time, but is worth celebrating.

Bitcoin is spreading its orange message across the world map, driving adoption in countries around the globe. Top photo

Deglobalization And The End Of Trust-Based Money Set The Stage For National Bitcoin Adoption

Breakdowns in global trade and credit call for money that doesn’t depend on trust. Bitcoin is the modern answer for international economics.

Bitcoin is represented by individual coins and creating stacks (known as stacking sats) is key. Top photo.

The Path To A Bitcoin Economy: Decentralized Bitcoin-Backed Credit

Bitcoin-backed credit built with DeFi represents a stronger and more practical vision of "bitcoin free banking" originally described in 2010 by Hal Finney.

Bitcoin is a revolution in financial markets, as numerous price charts will indicate. Top photo

Riot Blockchain Announces Record High Hash Rate Capacity

Although hash rate capacity is at a record, mining conditions did lead to a relative underperformance in bitcoin received throughout the month.

Mining machines, also called mining rigs or ASICs, are used by bitcoin miners to mine bitcoin top photo.

Proof-Of-Work Is The Only Viable Form Of Consensus

Bitcoin’s consensus mechanism ensures that work needs to be done in order for transactions to confirm and secures bitcoin in the fairest manner.

Fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar are ultimately balloons ready to pop top photo.

The Everything Bubble: Markets At A Crossroads

After Jerome Powell’s speech, markets are caught in the middle. Participants are hoping for a pivot. Is the bottom in or is more pain on the horizon?

Sacrificing individuals is and always will be an immoral choice. If you want a better society, responsibility is probably a good place to start.

Bitcoin Will Not Submit To Black Swans

Bitcoin’s responses to black swans are irrelevant to its continued success as a protocol used around the world.

Bitcoin adoption is like a rocket ship flying to the moon in outer space. Top photo

European Bitcoin Company Relai Reports Record Volumes Despite ECB’s Bitcoin Warning

Despite a recent warning from European politicians on the dangers of bitcoin, the Swiss-based bitcoin app has published record results this month.

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil top photo

Here’s Everything That’s In Brazil’s Bitcoin And Crypto Bill

Brazil’s Congress just approved a complete regulatory framework for cryptocurrency markets in the country. Here’s everything that’s in it.

The bitcoin price relative to U.S. dollars is often analyzed by financial markets managers. Top photo

The FTX Ponzi: Uncovering The Largest Fraud In Crypto History

Modern day alchemy, unsurprisingly, failed. A deep dive into FTX and the events leading to the collapse of the now notorious crypto exchange.

Bitcoin stands out among other fiat currencies around the world, including euros, U.S. dollars and yen. Top photo

No, Christine Lagarde, Inflation Did Not “Come From Nowhere”

ECB President Christine Lagarde declared that inflation "came from nowhere,” yet Bitcoiners know this isn’t really the case.

Mining bitcoin with waste, generator using stranded energy to mine bitcoin top photo

Turning Garbage Into Digital Gold: The Rise Of Landfill Bitcoin Mining

Powering bitcoin mining operations with landfill waste is the latest trend in sector growth as miners capitalize on wasted and stranded energy resources.