A Bitcoin ATM company has reportedly started deploying 1,500 of its machines to help El Salvador become a BTC nation.

Bitcoin ATMs Are Popping Up To Meet Demand And Propel Mainstream Adoption

Bitcoin ATM units in the U.S. have nearly doubled in a year, indicating a growing demand from retail investors who seek convenience.

As more institutional investors from the legacy financial system divert to Bitcoin, it is becoming more accepted.

Edge Wealth Management Increases Bitcoin Exposure By Over 40%

Edge has disclosed it holds 54,134 shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust in a filing with the SEC, a more than 40% increase since last quarter.

Red, white and blue, American flag, U.S.A., U.S. United States of America.

Bitcoin Ownership In The U.S. Has Tripled Since 2018, A Gallup Survey Found

A Gallup survey found that the number of American investors holding bitcoin has tripled in three years, while skepticism has declined.

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Bitcoin Artwork Will Make Your Life Beautiful

Artwork inspired by Bitcoin carries an essence of beauty created by the technological revolution at hand.

Lightning Network's Latest News

In A Flash, Bitcoin Can Become The Default Digital Reserve Currency Of The World

Bitcoin has faced many challenges before, but it seems that the free market repeatedly creates innovative solutions to these.

The bitcoin price rising, represented by green candles, often gets the market attention of the world.

Bitcoin Transfer Volume Now Exceeds $15.8 Trillion

The “total amount of coins transferred on chain,” metric is equivalent to 70% of the United States Gross Domestic Product.

Bitcoin Magazine Podcast Template

Interview: Fighting For Freedom With Zuby

Freedom fighter and musician Zuby joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss sovereignty and lessons learned from COVID-19 lockdowns.

Orange pills or "orange piling" are terms used for onboarding others into a Bitcoin standard.

What Do Bitcoin, Antifragility And Fantasy Football Have In Common?

Fantasy football players and Bitcoiners use the same strategic thinking principles when building for an uncertain future.

Bitcoin is a privacy enhancing and protecting technology, letting users remain pseudonymous

The Hero’s Journey: Authentic Digital Ids For Bitcoin

Personalized authentic engagement design integrated into Bitcoin paradoxically transforms aspirations into unintended outcomes.

Legacy financial institution JPMorgan Chase & Co., founded by J.P. Morgan will inevitably embrace Bitcoin.

JPMorgan Becomes The First Big Bank To Give Retail Clients Access To Bitcoin

JPMorgan will reportedly give retail clients access to bitcoin investment vehicles starting on July 19, a first in U.S. big banking

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 12.20.11 PM

The Unbearable Tragedy of The B​​ Word

The B Word Bitcoin conference was a travesty of discourse that failed to advance the conversation on Bitcoin as a technology in any meaningful way.

Bitcoin gives Palestinians a powerful avenue for peaceful protest, and the opportunity to find sovereignty among oppressive economic policies.

Can Bitcoin Be Palestine’s Currency Of Freedom?

Bitcoin gives Palestinians a powerful avenue for peaceful protest, and the opportunity to find sovereignty among oppressive economic policies.

Adoption & community - Bitcoin Dev Demos the First Lightning-Enabled Bitcoin ATM

Circle K To Deploy Bitcoin ATMs In Stores Through Partnership With Bitcoin Depot

Convenience store chain Circle K partners with Bitcoin Depot to bring bitcoin ATMs to its stores, with over 700 machines already installed.

VanEck and SolidX have withdrawn an SEC proposal for their latest attempt at a bitcoin ETF, setting this potential institutional on-ramp back again.

Global X, Subsidiary Of $560 Billion Investment Manager, Files For Bitcoin ETF

ETF provider and Mirae Asset subsidiary Global X has filed for a bitcoin ETF with the SEC, heating up the competitive race in the U.S.

Bitcoin obelisk for hyperbitcoinization.

Analyzing The ₿ Word Virtual Conference

This Daily Dive excerpt highlights some of the comments made during The ₿ Word virtual conference, with charts and commentary.

Salt Bae is famous for sprinkling salt, those in the Bitcoin space are famous for sprinkling orange pills

Why Bitcoin Bears Should Beware: A List Of Historical Fails

There are many who have opposed innovation that were proven monumentally wrong in their predictions.

Bitcoin is the first project built on blockchain technology.

Protecting Your HODL Legacy: Shamir Backups And Inheritance Planning

Awareness of one's own mortality is a sign of maturity, as is the recognition of the critical importance of securing one’s bitcoin.

Bitcoin Optech was founded in 2018 to bridge the worlds of open-source development and companies.

Bitcoin Optech #158: Why Wallets Should Wait Before Generating Taproot Addresses

This week’s newsletter discusses changes to services and client software and why wallets should wait before generating Taproot addresses.