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Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mastercard And Binance To Offer Bitcoin, Crypto Card In Brazil

The new bitcoin and crypto-backed prepaid Binance Card is coming to Brazil, one of the exchange’s largest markets.

Bitcoin is represented by individual coins and creating stacks (known as stacking sats) is key. Top photo.

Bitcoin Sellers Exhausted, Accumulators HODL The Line

Bitcoin supply-side dynamics and on-chain indicators look to be as strong as ever, but macroeconomic headwinds remain for legacy and risk assets.

Red, white and blue, American flag, U.S.A., U.S. United States of America.

Biden Administration Releases Roadmap To Mitigate Cryptocurrency Risks

The White House has unveiled a roadmap to reduce risks associated with the wider cryptocurrency industry.

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BOLT 12 and LNURL seem to accomplish the same things for users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. But what are the technical differences top photo?

Twitter Prepping For Payments, Could Include Bitcoin And Crypto: FT

Elon Musk’s Twitter is preparing to add payments functionality that could potentially include cryptocurrency, inside sources told the Financial Times.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz Is a strong bitcoin proponent and advocate and believes Austin and Houston should have mining top photo.

Senator Ted Cruz Is Bringing Bitcoin To The Capitol With Vending Machines

The Texas Senator has introduced a resolution requesting Capitol vendors to accept bitcoin.

Bitcoin offers an alternative path to fiat like the dollar or pound, and its road sign is orange. Top photo.

The Five Lessons I Learned From Ignoring Bitcoin For Years

Lessons from a HODLer fortunate enough to find Bitcoin after passing on the opportunity repeatedly since 2012.

Bitcoin merchants who have adopted point of sale systems for accepting payments will win. Top photo

POS Giant Clover Teams Up With Strike To Bring Bitcoin’s Lightning Network To Millions Of Merchants

A 90-day trial period kicks off Clover’s integration with the Bitcoin Lightning Network, enabling faster, cheaper payments at merchants.

Cyberpunk cities of the future, with neon lights everywhere, will likely integrate Bitcoin as the future. Top photo

BitPay Announces Partnership With MoonPay, Removes Bitcoin Trading Fees For Limited Time

BitPay’s partnership with MoonPay is set to offer a superior buyer experience for those looking to purchase cryptocurrencies on the BitPay platform.

Bitcoin healthcare and well being is grounded in sound money, and love and heart and compassion and good health top photo.

Fiat Debases Belief, But Bitcoin Makes Us Human

Enslaving us with debt and inflation, the fiat system replaces sincerely-held beliefs. But Bitcoin gives us the chance to be human again.

Bitcoin mining requires a significant amount of energy but it is also driving miners to renewable energy sources that help the Earth stay green top photo.

The Kazakhstan Mining Exodus Has Flipped Bitcoin To Clean-Energy Dominance

After Kazakhstan forced out Bitcoin mining operations, the majority of global hash rate is now produced with clean energy.

Bitcoin is a revolution in financial markets, as numerous price charts will indicate. Top photo

Blockstream Raises $125 Million For Bitcoin Mining Expansion

Led by Kingsway Capital, Blockstream has raised $125 million for the purpose of expanding their institutional mining services.

Justice is blind, though courts and judges seem to make special legal consideration when it comes to Bitcoin regulation. Top photo

EU Lawmakers Vote To Impose Strict Capital Requirements On Banks Holding Bitcoin And Crypto

Banks would be allowed to hold 2% of capital in bitcoin, but required to have one euro in capital for every euro in cryptocurrency held.

The use of bitcoin requires a private key, ATM which lets you send transactions top photo.

World’s Largest Bitcoin ATM Software Platform Acquired By Bitstop Founders

Andrew Barnard and Doug Carrillo of Bitstop have announced the acquisition of Genesis Coin Inc.

Bitcoin protocol is a cryptocurrency and BTC Magazine is a satoshi technology lover top photo.

After the Failure Of Their Stablecoin Experiment, Iran And Russia Will Inevitably Adopt Bitcoin

With their newly-announced stablecoin experiment doomed to fail, Russia and Iran will soon learn Bitcoin is the solution that they want.

Bitcoin is open-source code maintained by numerous, psuedonymous computer coders. Top photo

Announcing “Hunting Sats,” A Bitcoin Wallet Cracking Contest

Shadowy super coders and sat stacking anons from all over the internet are welcome to try and crack a wallet containing millions of sats.

Bitcoin transactions can be thought of as agreements between two parties, shaking hands as one spends bitcoin and the other accepts it. Top photo.

In 2023, Bitcoiners Must Stop Shooting (Or Blocking) The Messengers

As the New Year begins, Bitcoiners should take this opportunity to engage with constructive criticism.

Even during crypto winter bear markets, Bitcoin in cold storage will persist as if frozen. Top photo

Crypto Lender Genesis Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

The embattled crypto lender has filed a slew of voluntary bankruptcy notices in order to restructure itself.

Bitcoin regulation is made up of the laws determined by legal courts. Top photo

Mississippi, Missouri Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Protect The Rights To Mine Bitcoin And Run A Node

Committees from both states will soon vote on bills that would provide a variety of protections for Bitcoin mining operations and node runners.