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Bittr, a platform that offers sats stacking services in Europe, has announced the relaunch of its operation following a shutdown about a year ago that came as the result of stringent regulations surrounding the industry. It has transferred its headquarters from the Netherlands to Switzerland.

According to the firm, the initial plan was to shut down operations permanently. However, calls from the community encouraged it to return. The Swiss Bitcoin community promised support and highlighted solutions that could help the bitcoin firm grow. Upon evaluation, Bittr then decided to restart its operations.

However, some things have changed. Bittr indicated that users no longer need to provide a phone number, they can sign messages with their wallets, extended public keys (xPubs) have been removed and PGP-encrypted email support has been added.

Bittr also noted that it will still maintain its 1.5% low transaction fee, despite the high cost of running a business based in Switzerland and that it will still note require a passport or proof-of-residency documents.

According to the press release, customers can expect sat-based commissions for referrals.