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Beijing Summit Highlights Bitcoin and Blockchain Global Expansion

- Beijing Summit Highlights Bitcoin and Blockchain Global Expansion

This is a sponsored article provided by the Blockchain Global Summit.

On September 10, Beijing, China will welcome a prominent gathering of cryptocurrency and blockchain leaders from throughout the world for the Shape the Future: Blockchain Global Summit.

Held at the Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, renowned companies from the U.S., the U.K., Europe, South America, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia will attend this summit.

In addition, over 80 top-tier companies from throughout the world have been invited to participate, with over 1,000 people and media representatives expected. This event is seen as an unprecedented opportunity for Bitcoin and blockchain industry leaders and developers to share their opinions about emerging trends in the industry, including the latest developments on blockchain scaling.

BitKan, one of China’s oldest bitcoin-based businesses, will be the main event organizer. The company, which has major connections within the Bitcoin industry in China, is seeing growth on a massive scale, with a major uptick of users for its exchange and news services over the past 12 months.

Event sponsors include Bitman, Dash, PandaMiner, Bixin and CHBTC.

This highly-publicized event will serve as an epicenter on leading edge trends, leveraging relationships with pioneering companies, financial media and renowned industries. A heavy media presence will be used to deliver live internet coverage in multiple languages for those seeking to view at a distance.

A number of key blockchain experts, thought leaders and influencers will discuss emerging trends and the latest technologies and products at the summit. Presentation themes will include:

  • The state of the cryptocurrency industry in China
  • China’s rapidly evolving Bitcoin and blockchain markets
  • The prevailing industry environment and its global market development
  • New pioneering technology developments involving blockchain

Among those listed as confirmed speakers are:

  • JihanWu -Bitmain CEO
  • Roger Ver - CEO
  • Li Lin - Huobi CEO
  • The Dash core team
  • Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar - Rootstock CEO
  • Stas Oskin - Wings CEO
  • Liu Yang - BitKan CEO

The summit will also feature the release of China’s first Bitcoin documentary, entitled “Bitcoin: Shape The Future.” This film will explore the history of BTC in China since 2009. From mining factories to headquarters of exchanges, 20-plus industry leaders were interviewed regarding the evolution of the industry in China from Bitcoin’s inception.

Beijing, the site of the event, is China’s second-largest city by urban population after Shanghai and is also the nation's political, cultural and educational epicenter. The city has a rich historical cultural significance as one of China's top-six ancient capitals. It is also the hub for many of China's largest state-owned companies and a key center for the national highway, expressway, railway and high-speed rail systems.

For full details on the event, please look for updates on Twitter and Facebook.