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Bitcoin Independence Day 2020


On August 1, 2017, Bitcoin was changed forever. After years of contentious arguments, secret gatherings and broken relationships, the Bitcoin community had a date that would begin the voting period for BIP 148, the first user-activated soft fork that allowed for SegWit to be introduced.

For Independence Day 2020, Bitcoin Magazine is streaming 6.15 hours of debates and commentary focusing on the heated questions around Bitcoin’s future. We’ve picked three of the most important current conversations about the direction of Bitcoin.

We’ll also be celebrating the one-year anniversary of the publication of the Little Bitcoin Book. Written by “eight angry bitcoiners,” it’s proven to be a timeless classic for describing what’s wrong with money today and why Bitcoin was invented.

Difficult conversations and debates are at the center of hardening Bitcoin to withstand the difficulties of disrupting the status quo, so join us on August 1 to watch experts break down the biggest problems in Bitcoin!

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