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Video: The Opening of a Bitcoin-Funded Well in Kenya

Op-ed - Video: The Opening of a Bitcoin-Funded Well in Kenya

This is part 3 in a series about the BitGive Foundation’s work in Kenya. Read an introduction or a photo essay about this project.

In 2014, the BitGive Foundation led a campaign in the Bitcoin community to raise $10,000 in Bitcoin to fund a water well in sub-Saharan Africa with The Water Project. The Bitcoin community rallied and surpassed the goal, raising more than $11,000. The water well recently was completed in the western region of Kakamega, Kenya, and the BitGive Foundation was there to witness the community celebration. They wanted to capture the magic on film, and this short video serves as an initial introduction to a longer video story coming out later this year. See how Bitcoin helped bring clean, safe water to the Shisango Girls School and more than 500 people. Many thanks to all the donors who participated in the fundraising campaign and to BitPesa and LibraTax for sponsoring the visit to Kenya and the video production.