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Decentral Talk Live: In the News this Week

Op-ed - Decentral Talk Live: In the News this Week

As continues to renovate its new studio, it will revisit some earlier episodes about topics and people who are still making news today.

Every week, new bitcoin ATMs are popping up around the world, making it easier for the general population to acquire bitcoin. On Monday, Decentral Talk Live’s featured interviewwill be with Zach Harvey, co-founder of Lamassu, one of the dominant players in the BTM industry.

On Tuesday, Sunny Ray of UNOcoin will focus on the growth of bitcoin in India — a territory that has been in the headlines recently. UNOcoin is India’s most popular Bitcoin wallet. Even before its launch in 2013, UNOcoin’s team, including Sunny Ray, was part of the grass roots Bitcoin community, spreading the word about digital currencies in Bangalore. Sunny Ray spoke with Ethan Wilding of DTL at TNABC in Miami. has been integrating more features into their platform recently. In Wednesday’s featured episode, co-hosts Anthony Di Iorio and Ethan Wilding chat with Andrew Lee, the CEO of buys and sells Amazon gift cards for bitcoin. It also facilitates purchases through Amazon at a discount for people who want to shop with bitcoin. Since this interview took place, Purse has also integrated with the Amazon Smile program, allowing customers to direct a percentage of their purchase prices to charity.

Similarly, viewers can meet Nick Sullivan, founder and CEO of the ubiquitous ChangeTip, also known as “The Love Button for the Internet.” This episode serves as a great introduction to the culture of tipping, and explains how sharing the love of bitcoin can help spread adoption. Want to spread the love even further? Consider automatically redirecting the tips you receive into your ChangeTip wallet to one of several participating charities.

Finally, Amber Scott, Chief AML Ninja at Outlier Solutions, gives an in-depth look at compliance and regulation practices. In light of the continuous changes happening in terms of tax law, AML compliance, and other directives coming down from various regulatory bodies, Friday’s featured DTL episode is both timely and interesting.

Decentral Talk Live airs featured episodes Monday-Friday at 3 p.m. EDT on Past episodes are also available on its playlist.