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Mawson Infrastructure Group, a bitcoin mining infrastructure and management provider, has announced it purchased 17,352 ASIC bitcoin mining rigs from hardware maker Canaan. The successful deployment of all machines could increase Mawson's current hashrate capacity by 1,500 petahashes (PH).

"Coupled with our extensive power infrastructure across the U.S. and Australia, we look forward to having these units online in late 2021 and early 2022," said James Manning, founder and CEO of Mawson. "We again reiterate our end of CY21 goal of 2000 PH and end of CY22 goal of 5000 PH, and look forward to updating shareholders further on hardware purchases in due course."

The Sydney-based firm ordered Canaan's latest generation Avalon A1166 and A1246 machines, totaling 17,352 units. The company's Australian facility and its flagship site in Georgia, U.S., will receive the first batch of miners in Q4 2021. All machines are expected to be up and mining in 2022, the announcement said.

Canaan is a major bitcoin mining rig maker based in China that produced the world's first ASIC-powered BTC miner in 2013. The firm has recently been facing hurdles back home, where nationwide crackdowns on bitcoin mining have led it to reinvent its business model.

The rig maker argued against the Chinese crackdown in June, but its pleas fell on deaf ears. Ten days later, Canaan set up its first overseas after-sales center in Kazakhstan to provide local customers with testing and maintenance services. And towards the end of June, the firm announced it was making its first foray into mining bitcoin with its own operations, also in Kazakhstan.

"We are very happy to have contracted another large order with Canaan, who have been fantastic partners to date," added Manning. "Canaan have delivered consistently and on time, and in an environment where ASIC bitcoin mining hardware supply is once again becoming harder to secure, we are delighted to further cement our partnership."