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Collaborative Custody and multisig are types of bitcoin custody in which you hold your private keys Top Photo.

The Importance Of Testing Your Bitcoin Custody Setup

If you want to ensure you will be able to recover your Bitcoin in the event of an issue with your custodial setup, there’s only one way to do so!

Reviewing the difficulty changes in Bitcoin’s history demonstrates that the practice of mining is near-perfectly competitive and is becoming increasingly so top photo.

How Bitcoin Miner CleanSpark Keeps Building In The Bear Market

As many bitcoin mining firms struggle to remain operational, CleanSpark is poised to emerge from this bear market stronger than ever.

Bitcoin development nonprofit Brink has awarded its first fellowship to Gloria Zhao, who will work on package relay for Bitcoin mempools.

Bitcoin Non-Profit Brink Funding 11 Bitcoin, Lightning Developers To Improve The Ecosystem

The organization is moving part-time developers to full-time, reorganizing leadership for Bitcoin projects, and onboarding new developers into the ecosystem.

Latest Articles

Bitcoiners who are optimistic about Senate cryptocurrency legislation should remain skeptical of the legislators who want to regulate the industry.

Bitcoiners Will Not Accept Overregulation

Bitcoin users are an intolerant minority who will quickly mobilize if they think that forthcoming legislation is unfavorable or unfair to Bitcoin.

The digital U.S. Dollar is a CBDC totalitarian nightmare and tech money that can only limit liberty top photo.

The U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency Narrative Is A Fantasy

Implementing a CBDC would not only negatively impact the U.S. economy, but is literally beyond the capability of the government.

Bitcoin miners use ASIC mining rigs to verify transactions, secure the blockchain and broadcast, or speak. Top photo.

Is Mining Censorship A Serious Threat To Bitcoin?

Several mining entities have attempted censorship attacks on the Bitcoin network. Does the practice pose a threat to its permissionless ethos?

Guy Fawkes masks are bitcoin symbols of freedom and privacy and fathers day is a celebration of people who help us grow from children to adults top photo.

Bitcoin Is Responsibility Go Up Technology

Without responsibility, freedom is meaningless. So Bitcoin is not just freedom money, it is responsible money, powered by RGU technology.

Strike Launches Public Beta

Strike Closes $80 Million Funding Round For Its Bitcoin Payments Revolution

The funding round led by Ten31, Washington University and the University of Wyoming enables Strike to expand its products and acquire new business partners.

The digital U.S. Dollar is a CBDC totalitarian nightmare and tech money that can only limit liberty top photo.

Bitcoin Policy Institute Calls On U.S. To Reject Its Central Bank Digital Currency

BPI details the authoritative actions of China and the likely authoritarian regime that will come in the wake of a CBDC, says bitcoin is the alternative.

20220923_PR_bitmatrix_release_mainnet_beta_liquid _network_1920x1080px

Bitmatrix Releases Mainnet Beta For Automated Market Maker On Liquid

The automated protocol will launch with new features allowing bitcoiners to create their own liquidity pools, fees, and perform trustless swaps.

Sacrificing individuals is and always will be an immoral choice. If you want a better society, responsibility is probably a good place to start.

Forget Sacrificing For The Greater Good, Self-Responsibility Is The Way To A Better Society

Sacrificing individuals is and always will be an immoral choice. If you want a better society, responsibility is probably a good place to start.

Bitcoin security starts with private keys and privacy features of hardware wallets top photo.

Public Fedimint Testnet Launched On Signet

If this user experience can be replicated on mainnet, it is easy to see how federated Chaumian Mints can quickly become popular for widespread use.

Bears and bear markets are down trends in the bitcoin price that leave us with lower prices top photo.

Is The Bottom In For The Bitcoin Price?

After the September FOMC meeting, Bitcoin Magazine Pro recaps the medium-term thesis for bitcoin and how to think about the looming macro volatility.

Bitcoin transactions can be thought of as agreements between two parties, shaking hands as one spends bitcoin and the other accepts it. Top photo.

Jimmy Song, Lee Bratcher And Dennis Porter On Why Bitcoiners Must Be Politically Involved

It is important for Bitcoiners to utilize existing systems of enacting change to create the best possible environment for adoption.

Thinking about bitcoin leads to questions and educational answers about what bitcoin is and ideas and philosophy about it top photo.

How Using Bitcoin Enhances Customer Experiences

Bitcoin is a powerful tool for businesses and services seeking to operate on the best monetary standard for their customers.

Bitcoin miners do not exist, they are simply validator nodes who create new transactions top photo.

Bitcoin Miners Don’t Exist — But Bitcoin Validators Do

Calling bitcoin miners bitcoin validators will improve the public's perception on Proof of Work (PoW) and prevent the framing effect from occurring.

When the bitcoin price rises that is known as a bull market and many things about investment in BTC make people bullish top photo.

Singapore’s Largest Bank Expands Bitcoin, Crypto Trading To 100,000 More Clients

Following the release of Singapore’s digital asset framework, the country’s largest bank expanded its members-only digital exchange to 100,000 more clients.

Bitcoin is fierce and poised against the world, not afraid to take on Wall Street Bulls who hate to see us on the moon top photo.

Why This Bear Market Is Especially Bullish

Hash rate hit an all-time high, miners seem to be done selling bitcoin, institutions are still interested and long-term holders continue to stack sats.