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ZEBEDEE And Stattrak Launch New Esports Fantasy Product With Bitcoin Rewards

Stattrak and ZEBEDEE have launched a new fantasy esports platform with real-money rewards in bitcoin for popular games.

You’ve heard the buzzwords: Web3, NFTs, DeFi. But what do they mean? Compared to Bitcoin, pretty much nothing top photo.

The Four Worst Ways To Attack Bitcoin

In his latest book, Nouriel Roubini demonstrates the worst ways to try and attack Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Beach Brazil is a project that is inspired by El Salvador's adoption top photo.

A Presidential Visit To Madeira: Is This Island The Next Bitcoin Paradise?

On a visit to the Portuguese island of Madeira, a delegation of Bitcoiners surfed, met with the president and extended Bitcoin adoption.

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Decentralized ‘Twitter Killer’ Nostr Goes Live On Apple’s App Store

Nostr, an open protocol that promises to substitute centrally-controlled social networks such as Twitter, is now live on the Apple App Store with Damus.

The US Federal Reserve is trying to maintain global dollar hegemony and dominance through financial tactics and Bitcoin fixes this top photo.

No Policy Pivot In Sight: “Higher For Longer” Rates On The Horizon

The market is nearly unanimous in expecting a 0.25% rate hike during February's FOMC meeting, yet many expect a “pause” shortly thereafter. We beg to differ.

Bitcoin is an open-source software project consisting of computer code. top photo

Ordinals Project Launches Enabling NFTs Directly On Bitcoin

The controversial project has been met with equal parts excitement and criticism in regards to its impacts on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is time traveling money that goes through portals and transcends space top photo.

Fiat Ruins Work But Bitcoin Rewards Those Who Add Value

How have Big Tech companies laid off so many with no consequences to their operations? Because fiat incentivizes meaningless rent seeking.

BOLT 12 and LNURL seem to accomplish the same things for users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network. But what are the technical differences top photo?

Twitter Prepping For Payments, Could Include Bitcoin And Crypto: FT

Elon Musk’s Twitter is preparing to add payments functionality that could potentially include cryptocurrency, inside sources told the Financial Times.

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mastercard And Binance To Offer Bitcoin, Crypto Card In Brazil

The new bitcoin and crypto-backed prepaid Binance Card is coming to Brazil, one of the exchange’s largest markets.

Bitcoin merchants who have adopted point of sale systems for accepting payments will win. Top photo

POS Giant Clover Teams Up With Strike To Bring Bitcoin’s Lightning Network To Millions Of Merchants

A 90-day trial period kicks off Clover’s integration with the Bitcoin Lightning Network, enabling faster, cheaper payments at merchants.

Cyberpunk cities of the future, with neon lights everywhere, will likely integrate Bitcoin as the future. Top photo

BitPay Announces Partnership With MoonPay, Removes Bitcoin Trading Fees For Limited Time

BitPay’s partnership with MoonPay is set to offer a superior buyer experience for those looking to purchase cryptocurrencies on the BitPay platform.

Bitcoin healthcare and well being is grounded in sound money, and love and heart and compassion and good health top photo.

Fiat Debases Belief, But Bitcoin Makes Us Human

Enslaving us with debt and inflation, the fiat system replaces sincerely-held beliefs. But Bitcoin gives us the chance to be human again.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network allows users to quickly make payments from their smartphones. Top photo

Mt Pelerin Crypto Exchange Adds Support For Bitcoin Lightning Network

The Swiss cryptocurrency exchange will now allow deposits and withdrawals through the Lightning Network.

With state legislators attempting to recognize bitcoin as legal tender in the U.S., we’ve entered a new, uncharted phase of adoption in Arizona top photo.

Arizona Senator Introduces Bill To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender In The State

A bill introduced by Sen. Wendy Rogers reflects growing interest in bitcoin from U.S. states.

Bitcoin adoption is like a rocket ship flying to the moon in outer space. Top photo

Swiss Bitcoin App Relai Now Allows Companies To Buy Bitcoin

The new Relai Business over-the-counter service will allow businesses to purchase bitcoin quickly.

Bitcoin mining requires a significant amount of energy but it is also driving miners to renewable energy sources that help the Earth stay green top photo.

The Kazakhstan Mining Exodus Has Flipped Bitcoin To Clean-Energy Dominance

After Kazakhstan forced out Bitcoin mining operations, the majority of global hash rate is now produced with clean energy.

Bitcoin is a revolution in financial markets, as numerous price charts will indicate. Top photo

Blockstream Raises $125 Million For Bitcoin Mining Expansion

Led by Kingsway Capital, Blockstream has raised $125 million for the purpose of expanding their institutional mining services.

Justice is blind, though courts and judges seem to make special legal consideration when it comes to Bitcoin regulation. Top photo

EU Lawmakers Vote To Impose Strict Capital Requirements On Banks Holding Bitcoin And Crypto

Banks would be allowed to hold 2% of capital in bitcoin, but required to have one euro in capital for every euro in cryptocurrency held.