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Red, white and blue, American flag, U.S.A., U.S. United States of America.

July 4th, Bitcoin And Sovereignty — Declaring Your Own Financial Independence Day

This July 4th is an opportunity to think about how Bitcoiners reclaimed their own financial independence.

Bitcoin Bulls Chasing Fiat Uncle Sam

July 4th Is A Reminder To Declare Monetary Independence And Protect Freedom By Using Bitcoin

By saving in bitcoin and holding your private keys, you can opt out of a flawed financial system and participate in the world’s largest nonviolent protest.

Red, white and blue, American flag, U.S.A., U.S. United States of America.

We Need To Declare Our Independence From The Federal Reserve

It’s time for the Libertarian Party and Bitcoiners to team up and make their voices heard in order to declare our monetary independence from the Fed.

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While the United States of America propagates the U.S. dollar, some of the powers of the U.S. support Bitcoin.

What American Independence Looks Like When Secured By Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a monetary system that returns to the ideals upon which American independence was built.

Bitcoin is a anti fragile honey badger on the moon, and fiat money cannot stop hyperbitcoinization for the world.

Honey Badger Should Care: Why Bitcoin’s Price Action Does Matter

Despite repeated statements from Bitcoiners that price does not matter, the price of bitcoin is fundamentally a measure of its success.

Does bitcoin mining or the price of ASIC mining rigs influence the bitcoin price? Or does this roller coaster go in the other direction?

I Thought This Bitcoin Cycle Was Different

Like many Bitcoiners who came before me, I thought this cycle was the one to end it all and lead us to hyperbitcoinization. Boy, was I wrong.

Jail Censorship Guy Fawkes Freedom

Bitcoin Ban In Nigeria: What Has Changed?

More than a year since Nigeria banned bitcoin services, its SEC has released updated regulations. Will the bitcoin market be affected?

Now Bitcoin Core’s most prolific developer, Marco Falke’s work is the daily maintenance and testing of an open-source project that must reject error.

A Day In The Life Of A Bitcoin Core Developer

Bitcoin Core developer Gloria Zhao shares what it’s like to work on Bitcoin and why the code needs to be maintained for the long-term security of the network.

When Bitcoin projects, businesses and platforms raise money (fundraise), they receive large amounts of capital in fiat.

Bitcoin Is A New Paradigm Of Stakeholder Capitalism

If bitcoin becomes the world’s reserve currency, we can add scarcity and consequences back into the system to stop the cycle of moral hazard and malinvestment.

Bearish Chart Analysis Trading

FTX Buys BlockFi But Passes On Acquiring Celsius

FTX is in accumulation mode with the market near rock bottom. Although it’s a fire sale in the market right now, some institutions are well past saving.


El Salvador Buys The Dip, Holds 2,381 Bitcoin In Treasury

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele announced the country bought another 80 BTC, resulting in a total treasury of 2,381 BTC valued around $46.1 million.

Payments - Lightning Loop Lets Users Empty Lightning Channels Without Closing Them

OpenNode, Lemon Cash To Onboard 1 Million Argentines To Bitcoin Lightning Network

The cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet provider Lemon Cash is partnering with OpenNode to enable Bitcoin Lightning payments for its 1 million customers.

Shamir Backups, developed by Trezor’s SatoshiLabs, lets users split up their hardware wallet backup seeds.

How Bitcoiners Should Use Their Hardware Wallets For Advanced Security

Hardware wallets can protect your generational wealth. Leverage them to gain the highest level of security and privacy.

Bitcoin Fixes This

Bitcoin Fixes The Economic Hurricane Happening Around The World

With the Bank of Japan trying yield curve control, negative GDP growth in the United States and cracks showing in the eurozone, bitcoin looks like a smart bet.

Bitcoin’s message of freedom has been set in stone. It speaks to us with increasing confidence about what is to come. Bitcoin has already won.

No Matter The Price, The Message Of Bitcoin Has Already Won

Bitcoin’s message of freedom has been set in stone. It speaks to us with increasing confidence about what is to come. Bitcoin has already won.

Bitcoin as an idea and philosophy can bring great knowledge to the person willing to educate themselves.

For Bitcoin, Sentiment And Value Are Not The Same Thing

While bitcoin’s price might be “down,” the metrics that indicate the growth of Bitcoin are on a true course to the positive.

The Fiat Standard as ruined family, relationships love and sex as this raincloud making people sad shows us that money is bad.

How The Fiat Standard Has Impacted Relationships, Sex And Family — And How Bitcoin Can Fix It

The fiat standard has drained the value out of more than just money, leaving family units a weak shell of their former strength.

Events - D10e Kicks Off Blockchain Conference Series in Amsterdam

Euronext Amsterdam To Launch Its First Spot Bitcoin ETF

The Jacobi Bitcoin ETF will be the first spot bitcoin ETF offered on the Euronext Amsterdam exchange for institutional European investors.