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The Bitcoin Lightning Network allows users to quickly make payments from their smartphones. Top photo

Data Shows That Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Has Solved The Scalability Problem

A data-driven exploration proving that Lightning scales bitcoin payments beyond Visa and that second-layer innovation is the way.

With the international attention on El Salvador’s historic adoption of Bitcoin, some critical myths have emerged that are in need of busting top photo.

El Salvador Takes First Step To Issue Bitcoin Volcano Bonds

A digital securities bill has been presented to El Salvador’s Congress, paving the way for the issuance of bitcoin-backed bonds.

“Mempool” is a portmanteau of “memory pool,” which is the label given to the holding depot for Bitcoin transactions that are waiting for confirmation and inclusion in new blocks by miners top photo.

RGB Magic: Client-Side Contracts On Bitcoin

RGB is a method of ownership verification built on Bitcoin that allows for the continuation of Bitcoin’s properties.

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In a world with third-party custody and self-custody, bitcoin is the clear winner for offering protection from government overreach and seizure.

Trusted Third Parties Continue To Be Security Holes

The recent FTX collapse has demonstrated the shortfalls of third parties. Successful businesses in the future will incorporate multisig into their operations.

Houses and Homes are the best ways for communities and neighbors to interact with bitcoin and talk about the discussion of social speaking top photo.

How I'll Talk To Family Members About Bitcoin This Thanksgiving

The best way to address your family members at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner when the orange coin comes up in conversation.

Bitcoin adoption is spreading like an orange mural on a wall, painting everything. Top photo

Martin Luther’s Reformation Teaches Us How Bitcoin Can Be Successful

The Lutheran Reformation is a useful time period that can enlighten Bitcoiners with lessons that will help further the mission of hyperbitcoinization.

Bitcoin adoption in Africa is a major component of hyperbitcoinization as the continent readily develops for and educates the world top photo.

Proof Of Resilience: Financial Freedom Through Bitcoin In Africa

Bitcoin offers financial opportunities that have been explicitly taken from Africans in recent history.

Bitcoin is a technical open-source software project made of code that can be displayed on a computer screen as 1s and 0s. Top photo

How The FTX Collapse Could Leave Blockfolio Users Exposed

The data necessary to analyze previous Blockfolio entries is now mixed up into the massive cryptocurrency exchange’s collapse.

“Mempool” is a portmanteau of “memory pool,” which is the label given to the holding depot for Bitcoin transactions that are waiting for confirmation and inclusion in new blocks by miners top photo.

Should Full Replace-By-Fee Be Merged Into Bitcoin Core?

Weighing the pros and cons of the current debate in the Bitcoin community about whether to include full RBF into the next Bitcoin Core update.

The natural inflation of fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar, as felt by bankers and the legacy economy, is antithetical to Bitcoin. Top photo

Crypto Lender Genesis Is On The Chopping Block As Contagion Continues

Genesis needs a $1 billion liquidity injection by Monday and Gemini sees significant bitcoin outflows as fears of insolvency spread throughout the industry.

Printing money from the Federal Reserve causes inflation, and bitcoin fixes this top photo.

Forget The Federal Reserve, The Market Is Pivoting Anyway

CPI numbers from the U.S.-led markets to rally, leaving bitcoin in the dust as FTX shocked the crypto world. The Federal Reserve tests out a CBDC.

The Bitcoin network is comprised of individual nodes who link together to form beacons of data. Top photo

Will Bitcoin Be Used By The Entire World?

Worldwide adoption of bitcoin could mean smoother, more equitable trade and more financial access for those currently excluded.

Bitcoin offers an alternative path to fiat like the dollar or pound, and its road sign is orange. Top photo.

Pension Funds Must Adopt Bitcoin Or Risk Insolvency

The recent U.K. pension fund crisis reveals the only option for such entities: adopting bitcoin as soon as possible.

Bitcoin is a form of protest and standing up to police authorities and military force in revolution. Top photo

The State Will Stifle Innovation, Unless We Opt Out With Bitcoin

As governments around the world prepare for central bank digital currencies, it is imperative that we use bitcoin to solve challenges of the 21st century.

Using patterns to remember bitcoin seed phrases is a useful tool which can come in handy if someone is needing to move across borders without being detected.

The FTX Failure Shows Why I Hate Trading And Investing

Trading risky assets on centralized exchanges is the opposite of the saving Bitcoin incentivizes.

The fiat system is a walled garden surrounded by armed guards. Bitcoin penetrates and dissolves these walls, and helps humanity flourish in the process.

Fiat Currencies Around The World Face The Same Fate As The FTX Fiasco

Dylan LeClair and Mark Moss break down the FTX implosion, the current GBTC discount and how the global macro environment will affect the bitcoin price.

The El Salvador Legal Tender Bill was historical regulation, writing and an important document top photo.

The Challenges Of Bitcoin Adoption Aren't Stopping Salvadorans

Citizens of El Salvador still face certain obstacles in their bitcoin adoption journey, but still look forward to the future.

20221117 bol2_cover 1920x1080px

Blockstream Launches BOL2: Community For Bitcoin Development

Along with other bitcoin companies, Blockstream is spearheading a developer community to further Lightning and layer-2 development.