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The Liberty Beat Partners with Genesis Communications Network

Op-ed - The Liberty Beat Partners with Genesis Communications Network

The Liberty Beat Partners with Genesis Communications Network


Contact: John Bush, Owner and Editor in Chief of The Liberty Beat

Phone: 512-773-6102

San Marcos, TX – The Liberty Beat, your daily source for liberty news and activist updates, is announcing a new partnership with the Genesis Communications Network that will greatly expand the reach of the program. The daily news service will also soon be producing three updated editions a day.

Since January of 2013, The Liberty Beat has provided daily top-of-the-hour news that could be heard on LRN.FM and up to 14 times per day on 90.1 FM in Austin, TX.

Now, you can hear the daily news service on the Genesis Communications Network and many of their AM and FM affiliates. The Liberty Beat will be included at the top of every hour during Free Talk Live, the Katherine Albrecht Show, the NutriMedical Report, and will also be downloadable via the GCN podcast feed.

The program has evolved from a one man hobby operation to a full fledged news service that contracts with writers and producers from their office in downtown San Marcos, Texas.

“We’ve come a long way in the quality and depth of our content,” said John Bush, founder of the Liberty Beat. “I used to exhaust myself running the program solo. Since bringing on Derrick Broze and Catherine Bleish as writers and Brian Hagen as our voice talent, we have been able to take it to the next level. With our new partnership with GCN, the sky is the limit!”

Every day The Liberty Beat announces the price of gold, silver and bitcoin, then provides a unique set of daily news topics including features on foreign policy, the rise of the police state, economics and alternative currencies, sustainable living, activist events and action, and more.

In the coming months, The Liberty Beat will be transitioning from a once a day format to delivering regular updates throughout the day in the form of three daily editions. You can contribute to the growth of the Liberty Beat by contacting John Bush to become a sponsor, or visiting to contribute via PayPal, bitcoin, or other means.

The Liberty Beat Team is planning to celebrate this new partnership with a launch party at Brave New Books in late-October. An announcement will be posted when plans are finalized.

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