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ChangeTip Teams Up with First 501(c)(3) Bitcoin Charity BitGive

Op-ed - ChangeTip Teams Up with First 501(c)(3) Bitcoin Charity BitGive



Tip-Redirect Feature Allows For Automated Donations

SAN FRANCISCO – February 9th, 2015 — Today, fintech start-up ChangeTip announced that it has selected BitGive, the first Bitcoin charity registered as a 501 (c) (3), to benefit from its Tip Redirect feature. ChangeTip has many users who, due to their social or employment status, wish to not receive tips for their work. As a result, the company has set up an automatic Tip Redirection feature, enabling users to channel all their money to the charity of their choice. This week, ChangeTip launches with popular Bitcoin not-for-profit BitGive to highlight the benefits of frictionless payments over social media to facilitate charitable initiatives automatically.

“The two best use cases for Bitcoin are micropayments and charitable giving, because of low transaction fees and frictionless public sharing on social media,” explains Victoria van Eyk, Head of Community Development. “We see this partnership as a natural fit for us and want to enable automatic giving in a powerful, robust way for organizations doing really great work.”

Connie Galippi, Founder and Executive Director of the BitGive Foundation elaborated: “We are pleased to see this new feature and are honored to be partnering with ChangeTip on its debut. Bitcoin has made microdonations a reality, and ChangeTip makes it fun and easy using social media interactions. We are excited to see ChangeTip’s support for charity continue.”

The Tip Redirect feature is available to every ChangeTip user as of Tuesday, February 10th, for the popular #tippingtuesday and, when selected, automatically funnels all received tips to BitGive. To initiate this feature for yourself, simply log into your ChangeTip account, click on the highlighted option (featured below) and choose “Redirect My Tips To A Cause.” ChangeTip anticipates adding more and more causes every week.


About ChangeTip:

ChangeTip is owned by San Francisco-based ChangeCoin Inc., a Delaware corporation. ChangeTip allows people to express appreciation or pay other individuals or organizations via monetary “tips.” Tips are sent natively within the chosen social media platform and allow users to transact seamlessly in the normal course of their Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and other social media interactions. In this way, ChangeTip represents not only the next level of financial payment infrastructure, but also the next iteration of the Internet of Value. Utilizing Bitcoin blockchain technology, the company’s platform allows instant transactions between two parties.

*In keeping with American law and financial industry standards, the ChangeTip service is not available in FATF “non-cooperative” and other “blacklisted” countries such as Liberia and Myanmar.

About BitGive

The BitGive Foundation is the first 501(c)(3) Bitcoin nonprofit charitable foundation. Their mission is to leverage the power of the Bitcoin community to improve public health and the environment worldwide. They are focused on demonstrating Bitcoin’s social value on a global scale through supporting charitable organizations with fundraising campaigns, education, and partnerships. Several of their charity partners include Save The Children, The Water Project, Medic Mobile, and more. Visit: