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BitPay Shakes Up the Bitcoin Ecosystem

Op-ed - BitPay Shakes Up the Bitcoin Ecosystem

BitPay, Inc. located in Atlanta, GA and currently the lead Bitcoin payment processing company rolled out a series of several exciting announcements this morning. BitPay now works with over 12,000 merchants opening the door to multiple avenues to purchase goods with Bitcoin. Announcing its global bitcoin directory, BitPay features many of the world’s bitcoin-accepting merchants. Individuals can quickly search for ways to purchase everyday goods and services with Bitcoin.

With all the traditional excitement surrounding Black Friday, BitPay is also a lead sponsor of Bitcoin Black Friday, where individuals around the world can put their Bitcoins to good use. In conjunction with Bitcoin Black Friday, PC Game Supply, one of BitPay’s merchants, will be offering a 10 discount on all purchases on November 29, 2013. Are you a business owner and interested in accepting Bitcoin? Feel free to check out BitPay and other payment processing companies that simply make it easy to accept Bitcoin for payment.

BitPay sent out the following press release this morning:

BitPay Launches Bitcoin Merchant Directory

Includes New Merchants such as PC Game Supply and

ATLANTA — November 25, 2013 — BitPay, in keeping with its mission to build a better e-payments world, has launched a new global bitcoin directory which features many of the world’s greatest bitcoin-accepting merchants. Shoppers looking for everyday goods and services or unique gifts will find a wide variety of places to spend their bitcoins in the bitcoin directory.

As lead sponsor of Bitcoin Black Friday, BitPay will be promoting its merchants and their one day sale on November 29. One of the merchants is PC Game Supply, the largest source for digital distribution of pre-paid products, virtual currencies and PC games., the largest food delivery service in Europe, also accepts bitcoin for ordering through its more than 30,000 restaurants in England, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

“We are often asked where to spend bitcoins and this global directory allows bitcoin merchants around the world to get discovered,” says Tony Gallippi, BitPay co-founder and CEO. “With this service we will be linking over 5 million bitcoin users with merchants and we will continue adding more merchants.”

The directory gives bitcoin users access to thousands of businesses and charities that now accept bitcoin. Some of the most popular categories include Web and IT Services, Electronics and Precious Metals. BitPay has also included a Travel and Tourism section for bitcoiners looking to plan their next vacation and a search feature that shows them where to spend bitcoins with local merchants.

PC Game Supply and, like many other merchants, see bitcoin as a compelling alternative to credit cards for online transactions. Bitcoins give merchants a way to decrease the amount of online fraud and subsequent chargebacks that come with accepting traditional credit cards. As part of Bitcoin Black Friday, PC Game Supply will be offering a 10 discount on all purchases on November 29, 2013.

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BitPay is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) specializing in eCommerce, B2B, and enterprise solutions for virtual currencies. Visit