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Bitcoin Consumer Fair to be Held in Atlanta

Op-ed - Bitcoin Consumer Fair to be Held in Atlanta


Bitcoin Consumer Fair to be Held in Atlanta
Atlanta, GA (March 19, 2015) – The Loudermilk Conference Center in Atlanta is slated to host the 2015 Bitcoin Consumer Fair on the 18th of April. The event is geared toward both consumers and merchants who are interested in expanding the use of Bitcoin in the Atlanta area, as well as those interested in working on the business and technology side of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which employs encryption techniques to regulate generation of currency units and verify transfer of funds. Bitcoin is not associated with and operates independently from any central bank.

“You can put a bank in your pocket. That’s pretty amazing,” said Gavin Andresen, Chief Scientist of The Bitcoin Foundation.

The purpose of the fair is to bring together consumers, merchants and payment companies to interact and facilitate the use of Bitcoin as a payment mechanism.

“Our goal is to reach a new audience for bitcoin,” said event co-organizer Jason Cronk. “We want to teach as many people as possible about its benefits and answer questions for people who may have heard about Bitcoin but don’t know that much about it.”

The event is the first of its kind in Atlanta. A full list of times and activities are available at the event website:

April 17 will launch with a reception to welcome visitors, vendors and exhibitors to the fair. The main portion of the event will be held on the 18th where visitors will have the chance to interact with vendors and exhibitors and hear from a list of guest speakers on various topics related to current trends and future expansion of Bitcoin. Event exhibitors will run the gambit from those providing information on Bitcoin to those actually selling various consumer items for Bitcoin.

The day starts with a free hash-brown breakfast and a food truck attending Saturday at lunch will offer a variety of options for hungry attendees, for sale for Bitcoin, of course.

The event closes with a Disco Dance Party to say goodbye to, as the New York Superintendent of Financial Services Benjamin M. Lawsky once called it, “a disco-era payment system.”

Atlanta was chosen as the first location for the Bitcoin Consumer Fair because of its large diverse population and the numerous financial technology companies that are either headquartered or have a strong presence within the city, according to Cronk. “There is an under served market in the traditional banking system. We want to highlight the benefits of using Bitcoin for both consumers and merchants,” he said.


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