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“Bitcoin and the Future of Money”: October 2013 CryptoCurrency Conference

Op-ed - “Bitcoin and the Future of Money”: October 2013 CryptoCurrency Conference

On October 5, Atlanta, GA will host the 2013 CrytoCurrency Conference. Entitled, “Bitcoin and the Future of Money,” the conference aims at featuring the four year anniversary of Bitcoin’s launch in October of 2009. The conference team posted the following press release.

Atlanta to Host CryptoCurrency Conference

“Bitcoin and The Future of Money”

Atlanta, GA, July 24, 2013 -- Nearly four years ago, a protocol for a new Internet money posted its first exchange rate to the dollar. It was a small fraction of one penny. The date was October 5, 2009. It was the date that Bitcoin went from being a mere abstraction, posted pseudonymously on a forum, to become the combination money and payment system that is rocking the world today.

In these four short years, a large infrastructure of global businesses have been built up around Bitcoin. It is used for global payment processing, casual exchange of debts, donations to nonprofits, online gaming, and a form of savings and spending among young, computer-savvy students. It is playing an increasingly important role as safe haven in countries with unstable currencies.

To commemorate this date, and to explore the economic and political implications of this pure, market-based base monetary order, experts from academia, journalism, investing, and industry will gather October 5, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, to present their analyses and outlooks for the future. The venue is The Twelve in Atlantic Station.

The conference is “Bitcoin and the Future of Money” run under the auspices of the CryptoCurrency Conference.

The opening reception on Friday night October 4, is being sponsored by the Atlanta-based Bitcoin processing startup BitPay. All attendees are invited to tour BitPay’s offices and learn about the business of Bitcoin.

This is the first large-scale Bitcoin conference in the Southeast of the United States. The URL for details and registration is: The conference is being co-sponsored by the Foundation for Economic Education, Bitcoin Magazine,BitPay, and Let’s Talk Bitcoin.

The speakers include:

Tony Gallippi (CEO, BitPay)

Stephen Pair (CTO, BitPay)

Jeffrey Tucker (Laissez Faire Books)

Stephan Kinsella (Houston, TX)

Doug French (Laissez Faire Club)

Michael Goldstein (The Mises Circle at UT-Austin)

Peter Surda (Vienna, Austria)

Cathy Reisenwitz (Sex and the State)

Charles Hoskinson (Bitcoin Education Project)

Daniel Larimer (Bitcoin Education Project)

Adam B. Levine (Let’s Talk Bitcoin)

Tuur Demeester (MacroTrends)

Daniel Krawisz (The Mises Circle at UT-Austin)

The panels and speeches will deal with all the critical topics in the world of cryptocurency.

How much will Bitcoin grow over the next four years? How far will its reach extend? What does its invention and successful use imply for the theory and practice of money and banking?

What are the investment implications? What does Bitcoin do to the presumption that money must be the exclusive province of the political order? And, more fundamentally, what makes Bitcoin work at all?

This currency is a unique creation of the Internet and it has features completely unlike existing government monies and existing systems of credit-card processing.

Its ledger lives on distributed servers.

It is exchanged peer to peer.

The source code is completely open.

Payments are processed using public-key cryptography.

At the same time, Bitcoin itself conforms with the properties of money with academic precision, which accounts for its value. Pulling all these points together, and exploring the implications for economic growth, is the driving goal of this conference.

“Whether you are new to the Bitcoin world or a savvy code monkey who has been mining for years, this conference invites you into a compelling conversation,” says the Conference website. “It is one that we must have and cannot avoid. We are fortunate to be alive to see this happening in our time, and now is the time to learn, to celebrate, and collaborate.”

Friday night’s reception will be at BitPay in the Atlanta Tech Village. The venue for the Saturday event is The Twelve, a wonderful, post-industrial hotel and conference center in Atlantic Station. The contact email for the conference is The Facebook page is

We look forward to seeing you on October 5th at our Bitcoin Magazine booth!