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This is a promoted article provided by Bitcoin 2022.

As the world’s most robust and critical open-source software project, Bitcoin would be nothing without the technical contributors who make, review and merge commits to the code. With that fact in mind, the upcoming Bitcoin 2022 event will be giving away $1 million worth of its premier “Industry Day” level conference tickets to these open-source contributors, giving them the chance to be part of the biggest Bitcoin event in history.

Bitcoin 2022 will be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center from April 6 to 9, bringing together the global Bitcoin community for celebration, networking, education, unforgettable content and more. The Industry Pass in particular offers access to the conference, as well as the exclusive Industry Day, access to the accompanying Sound Money Fest music festival with rooftop seating, industry-specific stages and workshops, dev-focused content and more.

Bitcoin 2022 will also host a dedicated open-source conference hall, with a capacity of more than 2,000 people, making it larger than all of Bitcoin 2019 and one of the largest Bitcoin conferences ever in its own right. This hall will host a speaker lineup of open-source contributors for a plethora of Bitcoin projects, representing a broad cross-section of this central community.

To be eligible for the first round of free tickets, a contributor must have made a contribution to Bitcoin Core prior to October 1, 2021. Those interested in redeeming the ticket can apply on the Bitcoin 2022 website, completing a form and submitting an issue to a particular GitHub repo. Additional avenues for open-source Bitcoin contributors to redeem free tickets will be unlocked soon.

Through this initiative and its larger support of Bitcoin’s most important open-source contributor community, it’s clear that Bitcoin 2022 will continue to advance the technology upon which it is built. As Bitcoin Core continues to lead the world of open-source software projects, so too will Bitcoin’s biggest event.