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This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

Although the value of bitcoin lagged in the second quarter of 2021, the end of Q3 saw it firmly return to its most commanding heights, and Invictus Capital is positioned to take advantage of this prosperity by offering clients a wide range of investment opportunities.

According to the company’s Q3 report, factors such as increasing regulatory clarity have contributed toward a steady and powerful rise in the value of bitcoin to create an environment where “not one of our suite of funds [has registered] a decline” over the last several months. Crypto-centric funds like Crypto20, Bitcoin Alpha and Crypto10 have seen the greatest rates of return.

There will be new products implemented by Invictus Capital in the near future, alongside the existing products that have seen great success since inception. The firm's newest product, the Invictus Yield Vault, has left Invictus “elated with the support that [it] received in the third quarter!”

The Yield Vault has only recently launched, and already the results are promising for its users. The Yield Vault allows users to loan various crypto assets to Invictus Alpha — the firm's trading division, who then uses the assets as collateral to enter market-neutral trade positions and provide steady returns to lenders.

Another new project is the upcoming Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Fund, which will be hitting the market in early 2022. Taking advantage of the current high growth sub-sector within crypto In this way, the DeFi fund represents an expansion of Invictus’ core competency, that the company was founded on: providing easy access to sophisticated financial instruments within the decentralized environment of cryptocurrency.

The core of the DeFi fund will track the value of several sub-sectors of decentralized finance, such as decentralized exchanges, lending, asset management and interoperability. This passively managed core will constitute 70% of the overall fund, allowing for a solid base that tracks the overall growth of the DeFi market. The remaining 30% of the fund will be composed of three actively managed satellite portfolios. This fund seeks to remain dynamic as the DeFi market expands, with the Q3 report noting that the DeFi market will expand rapidly “as crypto breaks further into the mainstream, and continues to cannibalize the multi-trillion-dollar financial industry.”

In short, the recent successes of bitcoin and the wider cryptocurrency market have enabled Invictus Capital to post massive gains across its various funds in Q3 2021, and the company looks forward to a world increasingly marked by the success of cryptocurrency.

With Invictus Capital, interested parties have a wide range of options when it comes to gaining exposure to bitcoin: there are funds catering to all risk appetites, with everything facilitated by its state-of-the-art investment platform. Its C10 fund may be a great pick now, allowing for exposure to the top-10 cryptos, with the integration of a dynamic cash hedge which switches asset allocation from crypto to cash in times of market downturns, reducing downside risk and repositioning the fund to take advantage of upturns as market sentiment turns.