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This is a promoted article by Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin.

The Bear Arms N' Bitcoin conference is the premier event and resource for fans of DIY and 3D-printed guns, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, privacy tech and all the other freedom technologies that one needs to understand in order to survive and thrive in our modern political climate.

The third annual Bear Arms N' Bitcoin conference (BANB2022) takes place in sunny Miami, Florida on April 9 to 10, 2022. Bitcoin Magazine will return as a media partner.

BANB2022 offers two days of presentations and workshops by experts in various exciting fields — and this year's lineup offers more than ever!

Freedom Technology Awards

This year's event will also mark the launch of the Bear Arms N' Bitcoin Freedom Technology Awards in memory of the late JStark1809.

The “JStarkies” will recognize the top individuals, projects, hardware and organizations advancing the cause of freedom. We will create a form where you can suggest award categories and give nominations. A panel of experienced judges will decide the winners.

Peter McCormack and Jessica Solce will present the awards.

Expert Speakers

Promoted: The Bear Arms N' Bitcoin event is returning in 2022 with presentations and workshops by experts in freedom topics.

Lineup of BANB2022 speakers

Enjoy presentations and booths hosted by subject matter experts in the fields of 3D printing, DIY guns, Bitcoin, Monero and more. You'll find a healthy mix of Bitcoin experts, privacy advocates, prominent 3D-printed gun designers and more on the official speaker list.

Vendor Tables

Tradeshow-style tables for both vendors and hobbyists mean that you can stop and see all kinds of exciting projects and products and connect with some of your favorite people and companies from around the space.

Interesting Topics

Enjoy talks, presentations and demos on a wide variety of exciting topics like:

  • Bitcoin mining at home
  • The Liberator12k DIY firearm platform
  • Bitcoin best privacy practices
  • Introduction to 3D printing
  • Pros and cons of Bitcoin versus Monero
  • Building sovereign communities
  • Effective DIY gun propaganda
  • Introduction to Monero
  • The FGC-9
  • How to self-custody bitcoin
  • Replacing centralized apps with open-source apps
  • Caseless, electronically-ignited ammo
  • Bitcoin surveillance tools
  • Open-source privacy phones
  • Civilian trauma medicine
  • Non-KYC/AML Bitcoin
  • The current state of 3D gun printing
  • The legal fight for DIY firearms
  • Introduction to Bisq
  • 3D-printed suppressors


BANB2022 will be hosted at the Embassy Suites by Hilton and is just a few minutes from downtown Miami. Enjoy Florida's tropical weather without the hassle of vaccine passports or mask mandates.

Promoted: The Bear Arms N' Bitcoin event is returning in 2022 with presentations and workshops by experts in freedom topics.

Booth example from BANB

Event Privacy And Security

You're encouraged to pay for your ticket with BTC or XMR and use a throwaway email address specifically for this event. You do not have to provide any government-issued identification to attend, and guests will be checked-in by email address. There will not be a list of guest names or pseudonyms, and no one will ask you for ID.

Code Of Conduct

This year, BANB has implemented a code of conduct for the benefit of all attendees. It reads:

“Everyone is welcome at our Bear N’ Bitcoin freedom tech conference — the left, the right, centrists, white, black, straight, gay, cops, robbers and normies. You just have to tolerate others’ opinions (even ones you find objectionable) and treat individuals with respect.

“The conference is non-political, (other than our support of the first and second amendments). It is an educational event that seeks to expand knowledge and build practical skills.

“Our focus is on highlighting accomplishments and what works and avoiding criticisms and arguments. Attendees at the conference are heterogeneous. What unites us is our love for freedom, privacy and autonomy. Crypto tribalism is dumb and counterproductive. Opposition to any freedom technology is statist. If you have any recommendations, comments, complaints or jokes, feel free to contact us.”

Go Register

Bear Arms N' Bitcoin 2022 will offer two days full of exciting people and topics in a beautiful, tropical setting. If you are interested in cryptocurrency, 3D-printed and DIY guns, financial sovereignty and the people and technologies at the forefront of these things, BANB2022 is the place to be in April.

Read more and register today (save when you register early!) at