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Miami’s Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Now Accepts Bitcoin

Adoption & community - Miami’s Vanity Cosmetic Surgery Now Accepts Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to infiltrate and benefit numerous industries around the world. Just this past week, Vanity Cosmetic Surgery chose to accept payment for services in Bitcoin. After reading a news article on BTC China taking Bitcoin to 200USD per BTC, Vanity Cosmetic Surgery’s team decided to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.

Vanity Cosmetic Surgery issued the following press release:

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) November 02, 2013

Since Vanity began doing business, they have gone through extraordinary lengths to facilitate payment options for their international patients. Since they treat people from all over the world, they usually accepted most major currencies, but now with the implementation of Bitcoin they open the doors to new possibilities in cyberspace. By doing this, Vanity becomes the only medical center in the world to accept Bitcoins as an official payment method. Patients may request to pay with Bitpoints, when they call or visit any of their three centers in South Florida. These innovative services benefits anyone, especially foreigners who do not want to exchange their currency for US dollars, who already have a Bitcoin account.

What does this mean to patients? They can now use their loaded Bitcoin account to pay for a breast augmentation or a nose job, or maybe a laser hair removal treatment. This will definitely transform the way people will choose their doctors in the near future.

Initially any currency could be converted into this internet token, but now the other way around is possible, with the new ATM machines installed in some places across the globe. Bitcoins can usually be used to pay things with a cellphone or in certain online stores. As such, once Bitcoin’s concept becomes global, traveling around would not require monetary exchange, as more brick-and-mortar businesses start to welcome this new payment method. For users the Bitcoin website offers a lot of security measures for a minor price.

About Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin has become a universally accepted internet currency. It’s free to open an account. At, Bitcoins can be used to buy and sell anything, as long as the information required is available. In most transactions, security fees may not be required.

About Vanity Cosmetic Surgery:

Vanity CS performs the most variety of plastic surgeries in all the South Coast. They have become famous for performing the most Trans-umbilical breast augmentation surgeries in the US, making them an authority when it comes to TUBA surgery. This versatility draws patients from all over the US and the world. Their large 5,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility makes them the biggest plastic surgery center in South Florida. They can be found in Miami, Hialeah and Plantation. They currently offer TUBA (Trans-umbilical breast augmentation), liposuction, butt-lift, breast reduction and many other kinds of cosmetic surgeries.

Bitcoin Magazine had an opportunity to interview Carlos Yela of Vanity Cosmetic Surgery.

Bitcoin Magazine (BM): When did you first hear about Bitcoin?

Carlos Yela (CY): A couple of months ago I found several discussions online about Bitcoin being a new trend and how China was getting more involved in it.

BM: What was it about Bitcoin that you found interesting?

CY: I think that Bitcoin itself is revolutionary, It’s a total new way of creating wealth and trade, and its growing popularity rate is so extraordinary.

BM: When did you first get the idea for your organization/site/services and what inspired you to create the site?

CY: Vanity Cosmetic Surgery is a well established cosmetic surgery center that in only 5 years has become the largest center of its kind in the state.

BM: Where do you see organization/site/services going in a year?

CY: At this point we are expanding our presence in the web, this is a strategy to promote our services not only in our local market but nationally and internationally as well, this strategy will allow us to become the number 1 plastic surgery center to receive patients from other states.

BM: What makes your product stand out in comparison to other products/businesses utilizing Bitcoin?

CY: We are not only the largest and most comprehensive center in the state with the widest variety of procedures available, but we also have a medical team of 6 of the best plastic surgeons in the East Coast as well as the best facilities, we only use the latest equipment available for all our procedures and treatments and always in the cleanest and most sanitized environment.

BM: What are your suggestions for individuals hoping to use Bitcoin in a business like yours?

CY: Our suggestion for Bitcoin users is for them to make up their mind if they are thinking of getting some cosmetic procedure done, we are the best option for many reasons: price, service, quality, accessibility and most important we are located in the most touristic city of the United States; when people come to our center from other places, they don’t only receive our excellent service but they enjoy our beautiful weather and beaches here in South Florida.