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This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

Since its inception in 2017, Invictus has been striving to revolutionize the world of crypto currency investment. Offering products for all risk appetites, Invictus provides many avenues through which investors can gain access to the fast-paced world of crypto. The Invictus suite of products has always pushed the innovation envelope, having launched the first crypto index fund in 2017, Crypto20, with this soon followed by the world’s first tokenized venture capital fund in 2018, Hyperion. The company has gone from strength to strength, and now manages over $100 million in investor assets across a suite of five funds offering fantastic long-term, passive investment opportunities and peace of mind that these investments are managed by a highly-qualified team blending traditional financial sector and crypto market experience.

To continue on this innovative streak, Invictus Alpha, the trading division of Invictus Capital, has launched the Yield Vault, a lending opportunity for retail and institutional investors. The Vault is a loan product where users can lend BTC or other crypto assets (including stablecoins) to Invictus Alpha. Invictus Alpha “utilizes the loaned coins as collateral to fund the deployment of a range of high-yield, market-neutral arbitrage strategies.” The aim of these strategies is to “generate returns without risking directional exposure to crypto price movements.”

The Yield Vault is a low risk offering, promising lenders an interest rate that is not only industry leading, but also fixed for the loan tenure. The fixed rate ensures that lenders can easily incorporate the loan into their long-term strategies and planning.

Invictus Alpha has an unblemished record in generating returns and making timely loan and interest repayments. A major selling point of the Vault is Invictus Alpha’s vertical integration and transparency. Many of their competitors delegate yield generation activities to third-parties, thereby compounding counterparty risk within their system. Further, “middlemen'' take a cut, drastically reducing the yield offered. Invictus Alpha has no middleman. It maintains clear oversight over loaned capital and deploys lender’s crypto in accordance with predefined, market-neutral strategies. Furthermore, competitors regularly refer to lender’s interest as a “reward,” but embedded in their terms and conditions, lenders agree to give them the ability to use loaned assets in any way deemed fit — to sell, loan, rehypothecate, use as collateral, offer to third-parties, and so on. This significant risk is not shared by the Yield Vault. Such activities are inconsistent with the Invictus ethos of transparency, and constitutes a key point of differentiation from Invictus’s competitors.

The Yield Vault is live, offering further diversification within the Invictus suite of products. Loans can be made in three-, six-, nine-, 12- or 18-month periods, with a minimum investment of $25,000 of BTC, ETH or a variety of stablecoins. The Yield Vault team is also happy to accommodate alternative cryptos, within their discretion. Visit the Invictus Yield Vault website here, and grow your crypto holdings passively.