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FATF Guidelines and What They Get Wrong About Bitcoin

In this episode, Dave and a guest discuss the new Financial Action Task Force guidelines and the difference between Facebook's Libra and Bitcoin.
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In this episode, Dave discusses the new Financial Action Task Force (FATF) guidelines with Amsterdam-based regulatory consultant Simon Lelieveldt, who argues that these guidelines are disproportionate, technically unsound and uneconomic. At the crux of this topic is the difference between how Facebook's Libra will accept regulation versus advocacy for online privacy by many in the Bitcoin community.


  • News: Despite Industry Pushback, G20 May Impose Stricter KYC Policy on Exchanges G20 Supports FATF Crypto Recommendations CipherTrace, Shyft Unveil ID Protecting Solution to FATF Crypto Guidance
  • Simon Lelieveldt Interview: FATF and EU need to fundamentally rethink their approach to virtual assets/currencies... Simon’s outspoken argument over Twitter Facebook Obtained Its E-money License (2016) Simon Lelieveldt on Twitter (@finhstamsterdam)