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A Bitcoin Love Affair at El Passion

Op-ed - A Bitcoin Love Affair at El Passion

El Passion (, a small web design and mobile application development company with 23 employees based in Warsaw, Poland apparently has a passion for Bitcoin.

In July of 2013 they became the first company in Warsaw to accept BTC. They gave a presentation and then in August staged the first Bitcoin party in Warsaw, having convinced a local bar to host the event. No word on whether the tavern accepted BTC for beer, but the attendees had fun slapping QR code stickers for the waitresses’ tips where every guy was sure to look. It’s unclear how many actual tips were paid that way, but it gave a good excuse for up-close scanning of big breasts.

In October they gave a Bitcoin mining workshop, and now El Passion has expressed its love for Bitcoin once again by becoming the first company in Poland to offer its employees their salaries paid in Bitcoin. According to their press release, they paid “most” of their November payroll in BTC, but again, no word on what the acceptance rate was among the employees*. At least one, Andrej Shevchenko, says he took 100 in BTC, though “most of the salaries were paid in part in Bitcoin.”

“Open source is a big part of our company culture, so sending bitcoins peer-to-peer is a logical step forward for us,” El Passion said in a recent statement.


*El Passion sent this update15 out of 26 people declared they want at least some of their salaries in BTC.