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World Economic Forum and the Chinese Cryptocurrency Space


        World Economic Forum and the Chinese Cryptocurrency Space
World Economic Forum and the Chinese Cryptocurrency Space

On the latest episode of The Bitcoin Game, host Rob Mitchell explains his recent coverage of the World Economic Forum. Based in Davos, Switzerland, this international conference featured a wide number of economic experts and panelists within the international financial industry.

Sitting on one such panel titled “The Crypto Asset Bubble,” Jennifer Zhu Scott, a founding partner at Radian, later came on this week’s episode of The Bitcoin Game to discuss the trajectory of the future cryptocurrency industry worldwide, as well as her opinions on the space in her home country of China.

Becoming interested in cryptocurrency at a very early stage, Scott purchase bitcoins less from a fervent belief that it would gain value than from a desire to hold a piece of the history of decentralized technology.

As an early adopter who hails from Western China, Scott explains that she became personally invested in cryptocurrency for the fact that it is an untouchable way to store value. In particular, this is important to Scott because her family experienced the brunt of what can happen to people fully reliant on centralized monetary systems — her family lost much of their wealth and property after the Nationalists’ 1949 defeat in the Chinese Civil War and the rise of Mao Zedong.

Bringing up some of the conversations previously addressed at the World Economic Forum, Scott went on to discuss the desire for small, wealthier nations like Switzerland and Oman to become crypto-friendly hubs and the Chinese government’s motivations to crack down on decentralized platforms.

Additionally, Scott and Mitchell cover a number of other topics, including tidbits like her involvement in the hit show Silicon Valley as a consultant for cryptocurrency-related episodes. For the entire episode and others from The Bitcoin Game, visit the Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network.


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