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Pheeva: The Good iOS wallet

Op-ed - Pheeva: The Good iOS wallet

iPhone users, did you know that you can legally gain access to an iOS Bitcoin Wallet?

Love Will, LLC develops applications and provides services for the Cycle of Goodness, or C.O.G cooperative.

Among one of these apps is an innovative wallet by the name of Pheeva.

This is made possible through Apple’s enterprise software solutions reserved to companies like Love Will, LLC.

But it’s more than a way to get a Bitcoin wallet, it’s a way to work with a like-minded group towards a good cause and reap benefits.

Here’s how it works: Once you join and become a legal member of C.O.G., a registered state agency based in Kentucky, USA, you gain access to apps, including Pheeva, the iOS Bitcoin wallet, as well as the Google Chrome extension. There are more apps on the way.

“The purpose of the cooperative”, says Lafe Taylor, president of C.O.G., “is to provide members with the best applications and services in the bitcoin marketplace as well as offer them opportunities to share in the benefits of group economics through patronage points and refunds.”

Patronage points are the token by which members earn patronage. Patronage point allocation is determined by the board of directors, and can change from time to time to satisfy the needs of the Cooperative. Currently patronage points are awarded for referring others to join the Coop. All members receive 1 patronage point for joining the cooperative. If everyone chips in, everybody benefits.

Like many millions, Lafe Taylor likes the freedom behind bitcoin and the opportunity to disrupt the concept of money.

“We really desire to give back”, says Lafe.” Once I understood how bitcoin could revolutionize money for impoverished people,” he adds, “I was really excited about Bitcoin.”

You can check them out online at or