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Bitcoin Product of the Week: MunchPak Delivers Delicious Snacks for Bitcoin

Op-ed - Bitcoin Product of the Week: MunchPak Delivers Delicious Snacks for Bitcoin

The Bitcoin product of the week series from Bitcoin Magazine highlights some of the cool, interesting, or funny things you can buy with bitcoin. What should we cover next week? Let us know at

The Bitcoin Magazine team recently had the opportunity to review MunchPak, a monthly subscription service that curates snack foods from all over the world and ships them to your doorstep – all for bitcoin. Whether you’re a junk food aficionado, an explorer of exotic tastes, or simply bored with your usual snacking options, the MunchPak is designed to entertain and satisfy an adventurous palette.

Our one box included twelve random treats from all around the globe – which meant that we often had to guess at what was it was we were given.

For example, the Sweet Potato Shaped Snacks from Korea turned out to be a sweet and crunchy Korean cookie snack reminiscent of French Toast Crunch in flavor.

Another candy had the chewy texture of lime-flavored Starburst, but with a thin layer of creme filling on the inside. We’re not sure what it was called or where it came from, but it was definitely a hit.

Other staff favorites included the Japanese soda pop candies and the chocolate-filled cookies (probably – someone ate them all before we had a chance to try them!) The only snack we unanimously disliked was an allegedly mango-flavored gummy, shaped like a turkey leg and covered in cayenne pepper.

MunchPak boxes come in three different sizes (Mini, Original and Family Pak) and are customizable. There is an option to send them as a gift, which could be a fun treat for students going away to college.

Boxes ship worldwide within 72 hours (with free shipping within the US), though they can take around 5 business days to arrive once they ship, depending on customs. MunchPak accepts payment by PayPal, credit card or bitcoin.