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LottoShares Set to Shake Up Crowdfunding Through Blockchain


Sint Maarten, Caribbean— Founder of Della Terra LTD: Michael Taggart and CEO of ​Banx Capital:​ Mark Lyford have partnered with Fantasy SXM to create the first open and transparent physical lottery using blockchain technology. LottoShares is set to become a revolutionary lottery system with limitless potential; the first system to operate entirely on ​Bitshares d​ecentralized platform.

“I am extremely interested in furthering blockchain based technology; Bitshares technology is the most advanced in that category. It is by far the most secure and un­hackable platform that boasts the fastest transaction times the financial industry has available providing consumers with peace of mind given the 100 transparency”. ­ Co­founder: Michael Taggart

This successful group of entrepreneurs strive to provide a safe, legal, and efficient gambling experience. LottoShares​ wants to give the public complete freedom of their finances in an intelligible way by offering options to those that are unbanked.

The public is able to help this venture blossom from start to finish. In return for the contribution, one would receive “digital ownership” of LottoShares, which will stem from a portion the net profit of the Fantasy Lottery​in beautiful St. Maarten.

With the 100 transparency, Lottoshares tokens can be distributed, transferred, or sold globally. This time­ sensitive abiding technology makes the saying “instant winnings” truly a reality.

“There are only 500,000 ‘LottoShares’ available to the public, these shares will be purchased back with earnings from the physical lottery in Sint Maarten. The buyback of ‘shares’ will decrease the availability to the public which can postively affect the overall value of the ‘shares’. It will be interesting to see how this will pan out”. ­ Co­Founder of LottoShares, Michael Taggart

LottoShares​ is set to launch this week. Lyford and Taggart have expressed their excitement to increase the awareness of this continually innovative opportunity. The money raised during the contribution phase of the LottoShares launch will go to the expansion of operations, employment increase, and the cost to transfer this lottery onto the Bitshares blockchain platform.