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Digital Commodity Exchange and Business Platform Game on the Seventh Continent is now public


Disclosure: This is a press release directly from Seventh Continent and is not an endorsement by Bitcoin Magazine. The commodity exchange and gaming platform has not yet been reviewed.

What is Seventh Continent?

· a business platform and a digital commodity market in Bitcoin;

· a business game;

· an autonomous economy.

Seventh Continent is a business platform, a market for trading digital products produced by virtual companies owned by the users themselves, registered on the site. Seventh Continent is a Game yet much more than a game: it is real business, as real as digital business can be. Seventh Continent is creating a hybrid between a real money commodity exchange, social media and a gaming platform. Seventh Continent was born from a simple idea:

1. Register a company in Bitcoin

2. Purchase resources

3. Trade

4. Make profit

5. Cash out and/or Reinvest

“When speaking of Bitcoin the term ‘disruptive’ always outcrops in its many connotations, as a third generation Bitcoin start-up why not try to use the term ‘constructive’ instead to describe our goal?” specifies Seventh Continent CEO Gregory Harmati about how he wants us to position his venture.

Seventh Continent is not gambling, it is based on users’ skills and business acumen!

Seventh Continent is not an exchange between Bitcoin and fiat currencies. It has the potential though for organic conversion between Bitcoin and fiat currencies through trading digital products but this is not its goal.

Seventh Continent is not a Ponzi-scheme, doesn’t offer any fix or high return on investments, investors are not paid from subsequent investors’ money, users generate their own return, current balance can be withdrawn any time, Seventh Continent stays always solvent!

Why Seventh Continent and why now?

“Bitcoin is used and valued by a constantly enlarging community and Seventh Continent intends to provide it the first economy, a market for Bitcoin users looking for profit making, fair trade and privately run independent businesses,” says N.F. Jeffrey, Seventh Continent Partner.

Online gaming has created an accepted market which is legal and accepted behavior and the Internet has created financial trust to transact online.

Internet users have become familiar with virtual marketplaces and are exponentially spending real cash for digital products or services, e-goods and virtual products.

People are getting bored with the thousands of copycat online social games, and spending real cash for tokens with no real cash exit. Seventh Continent is providing them an exciting alternative with real cash exit!

An economy based on freedom, transparency and fair play

Seventh Continent Market is totally independent restricted only by supply and demand i.e. users themselves as well as by inherent microeconomic rules. The idea is to offer a new “continent” – the “Seventh Continent” – to the Bitcoin community where Bitcoin users can do fair and corruption-free business, make profit with their coins, have fun competing with each other. The economy is fine-tuned and users have access to comprehensive instant statistics and business analytics.

All transactions are carried out on the Market with equal trading opportunities for the users: “One Market One Trading” model means no OTC trading, no credit risk, no scams, no cheating possible, also prevents monopolistic positions and stealth or fraudulent second market transactions.

Invested Bitcoin is converted into Continental Euros (digital currency on Seventh Continent) and reconverted into Bitcoin when cashing out. Conversion is absolutely free both ways. Fiat currency deposits work the same way yet withdrawal via PayPal is not free. Free trial is possible using Marks virtual money provided at registration. It is also possible to register business with friends to raise more launch capital; Seventh Continent currently has 45 different business activities users can choose from.

Better investment than Poker or gambling

Investment risks on Seventh Continent can be kept to a minimum since customers own the trading businesses (control cash flow and take all decisions) and can have a relatively high influence on prices – but of course it is not without risk for anyone.

Seventh Continent remains a real skill game which fosters creativity and business acumen – rather than unpredictable gambling. Author Gregory Harmati used to say “It is wiser to invest your money in a business game you control than in gambling others control! Rather bringing to bear your skills for success than training your wrist and wait for dices to do the rest.”


Seventh Continent is not complicated to master; the interface is user friendly consequently does not require a long and discouraging learning process. “It allows business owners to run their businesses, dipping in and out 24/7 from any place at any time and ultimately on any device,” explains N.F. Jeffrey.

When accessing Seventh Continent Market a very large quantity of data is downloaded at once thenceforward constantly refreshed within short intervals. Therefore frontend was initially developed in Flash for speed, security and to give a heightened sensory experience. Because less and less devices and OSs are supporting Flash a new HTML 5 front-end will be available early next year.


Seventh Continent charges 0.7 on transactions when users are selling units on the Market or transferring digital currency to each other. Company registration costs 0.01 XBT, however can be free or even provide a positive balance if users enroll each other in the Sponsorship affiliate Program. Both optional services have scalable fees: the automatic trading software Autotrader as well as level upgrades enabling to increase production for the same quantity of resources used. Seventh Continent doesn’t charge anything else:

  • No brokerage;
  • No charges on profit and dividend;
  • No hidden costs or commissions;
  • Free Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal;
  • Free Bitcoin Continental Euro (digital currency on Seventh Continent) exchange;
  • Transfer of digital commodities between companies owned by the same user is free of charge;
  • No fees for initial funding of virtual companies.

Platform extension opening is expected for late 2014.

Behind the two dimensional Market Seventh Continent has a three dimensional world developed in the past years and 80 ready. The 2D business platform and the 3D “Continent” are in perfect synergy: digital products such as vehicles, gears, weapons, drinks and food can be taken into the three dimensional digital world to be used for different tasks, missions, adventures users invent for themselves, while raw materials and other goods found in the 3D world can be taken back to the 2D business platform to be sold for hard cash or simply used by companies owned by the users.

Opportunities for growth

Seventh Continent Market can host up to several hundred thousand users without reaching saturation point because supply and demand will always keep a healthy balance on the market. Scalable Market also means that new business activities will be introduced from time to time to diversify users’ investment portfolios. Moreover “Once a large user basis is reached why not trade also real products and services on Seventh Continent Market instead of exclusively digital ones?” adumbrates G. Harmati.

Where to find it?


The Market:

FB page:

Twitter: @7thContinent7

About the Company

Seventh Continent Ltd. is registered in the UK by a group of private individuals. Founder, author and CEO Gregory Harmati PhD has graduated in Paris, Geneva and Budapest, co-financed operations with angel investors and a VC. He works with a small but enthusiastic team of highly qualified professionals in Budapest, Hungary. He has on his side two advisors: a British investment banker and a German businessman to complete the developer team.

Borrowing CEO’s words they hope to provide “A brand new both lucrative and entertaining solution for Bitcoin owners with the intention to build a small economy that shall provide additional value to Bitcoin. Bitcoin culture, as conceived by its authors and restricted by its protocol, is on the way to transform radically how we as culture exchange commodities and monies.”