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The (Last Minute) Bitcoin Holiday Gift Guide 2013


Welcome to the 2013 (last minute) Bitcoin Magazine holiday gift guide. We wanted to feature some of our favorite shops and artisans out there and celebrate their presence in the Bitcoin marketplace.

The gift guide image was stolen heavily inspired by the iconic Bitcoin neon sign sold by Cryptocables and it really speaks of the potential businesses have to use Bitcoin to take more control of their finances going from fees to freedom!

For consumers, this is a time to slow down and convince your friends and loved ones of the good businesses using Bitcoin through good gifts. It may help them see the tangible enjoyable sides to a digital currency.

These descriptions are bathed in humor and we apologize in advance if we offend anyone. Grab a glass of spiked egg nog and enjoy! 

For Her


Screw Disney Land, this is the vacation you deserve. If you’ve been saving up your Bitcoins, like a good girl, toss a few (3.268 BTC) and fly down to Fiji for 4 nights. I say 4 nights because that’s the minimum stay duration.


This dream vacation starts in the summer 2014, which gives you plenty of time to save up for the flight and imagine what you would do in Fiji for 4 days. Clearly swimming is available, but there’s also golf courses, infinity pools, and a little wifi in case you want to send out some show-off selfies to your friends.


Are you honestly still thinking about that Fiji trip? Too much pampering for you? Well fine, take this! It’s a 20 year lease for an island in Pohnpei, Micronesia for $599,000 or 699.284 BTC. If the Fiji trip was too structured, this is for you. You and your best friends could pitch in and recreate all 6 seasons of Lost. Make sure you come up with a better finale.


Who wouldn’t want to relax and take a nice long tub in one of these? Everyone will respect you and understand when you say, “It’s Boulder Time.” Transporting this sucker is another matter entirely, but if you can afford this 6.93 BTC ($5,999) bath tub boulder, then you should be fine with having it air dropped near your home. Getting it in your home is another story.

Get her something to stay warm! This scarf, which is “So velvety and cozy you won’t want to take it off”, is made by an Etsy seller who accepts Bitcoin!


Yes. It’s snowmen. With little scarves that look like candy canes. Kind of cliche, but there’s always someone who loves cliche on your list. Snag this for $16 or .01869 BTC.

For Him



For 6.2 BTC you could gift a cruise in NYC’s harbor on a snow white yacht. Yes, your gift receiver will freeze their butt off if the gift is given this winter, and yes it will be beautiful to watch the city’s bright lights shimmer on the dark glassy bay as your friend cries frozen tears of joy on a crisp winter night. You may want to add hand warmers to the gift.

There are some Winter holiday gatherings that just need a little spice — bourbon spice — to help push through any social awkwardness. Baker’s bourbon is selling for $37.99 or 0.04716 BTC and may just save your holiday. If you have any relatives like mine, you may have to be the hero and spike the non-alcoholic punch.


This knife (.02 BTC) is an excellent gift for a yankee swap, as long as the person receiving the gift isn’t your arch enemy who enjoys inflicting you with millimeter cuts.


It’s never good to be caught with your pants down while attending a Bitcoin conference, promoting Bitcoin to business executives, or meeting that special someone you are obsessed with from OkCupid. This is why you and I need well crafted belts, my friend. Hand & Sew not only makes all of their sturdy durable belts by hand, but they also make wallets too. Just look at how well these wallets age!


When you pay for dinner, that OkCupid hottie will never forget the wallet that duals as a Bitcoin paper wallet holder.

It may not seem obvious that these master leather workers take Bitcoin, but when you add a belt, wallet, iPad mini case, and a leather bound notebook to your shopping cart, you should see a Bitcoin payment option at the checkout.


Hunting for small game like squirrels, pigeon, or woodchuck is easy with arrows or guns. It takes a real man to nail those furry suckers with a rock and a slingshot. This elastic beauty can be yours for $20, but you’ll save $5 if you use Bitcoin.

Other great uses could be planting geocache, cookie air delivery, or pureeing ripe tomatoes through a screen door. A splatter shield is not included.

For Everybody


There were dollar parity parties, but now there is a huge “kilo dollar” parity party happening in Berlin, Germany. There is an angel on my left shoulder telling me… what the hell? Why would these people use enough Bitcoins to lift a small nation out of poverty just to drink and dance on top of the buildings of banks?

The devil on my right shoulder leans in to whisper… you’ve never been to Berlin before. Think of all the steins of fresh wheat beer, the beer bratwurst, the paper wallets with loads of BTC showering from the sky, the after parties, the after after parties, getting to spray paint a gold Bitcoin symbol on every sidewalk… spraying champagne on the fiat fools withdrawing euros from nearby ATMs, the mob of Bitcoiners shouting together: “Satoshi! Satoshi! Bitcoin! Bitcoin! To the mooooooooooon!” Oh the riots that would ensue!

The party ticket costs 1 Bitcoin and it will get you into the party, but won’t fly you to Berlin, or give you a place to stay. Although, the hosts of the party plan on securing a group rate at the hotels near the party.


I tweeted @eric-lombrozollyphile and asked if their absinthe pops are hallucinogenic, but they haven’t gotten back to me. I ordered some anyways for the days where the Bitcoin exchange price sinks like a led balloon. They also have a challenging selection of uncommon flavors including BurbonSriacha-Bacon, Wasabi-GingerBlue CheeseMaple-Bacon (humina humina), Habenero-Tequila, and a curious flavor for you sick nuts out there: Breast Milk.

These lollipops are sold as a 4 pack ($10), a dozen ($24), and a case of 36 ($58) and can be purchased with Bitcoin.

update: I received a set of spirits lollypops and these absinthe pops are really really great! A lot of words come to mind after trying these for a few hours, but “hallucination” is not one of them.


Are you looking for ways to be greener for 2014? Massdrop is selling Lyft credits on their site, and since Massdrop accepts Bitcoin, you can hopscotch your way to ride sharing with your shiny new Bitcoins.


Let your customers know you accept business in a bold way! These vinyl stickers could be placed in an office, home, or waiting area with a smooth flat surface. Each sticker is hand made and orders can be customized to suit your needs.

For Gamers


From the manual:

Shibui is a term from Japanese aesthetics that means elegance in its

minimal form, or simplicity hiding complexity. Objects that display

shibui are described as shibumi. Such objects may look plain at first,

but will reward the viewer with hidden depths the more time is spent

with them.


I’m not sure what hidden depths this gamer is talking about, but for only .2124 BTC you can go as deep as you want. The physical manual is sold separately, but the digital PDF manual is free to download. The game comes with a USB stick loaded with the manual.


I know we are practically in the middle of December, but there are some people who can’t stop thinking about halloween. If you are looking to please a ghoulish member of the family grab them this 18 ghosts game for 19,00€ or $24.70.

This is a tranquil little game where you move koi around stones and earn points. I could try and explain the game or you could see the iPhone gameplay video made by the game’s designer, W. David MacKenzie. The physical game is 19,00€ or $24.70.

For Parents


For you feel good hippie parents teetering towards green rainbow gatherings or season burning man veterans. Give your kids the gift that uses recycled plastic and is made in the USA.

I would reserve this as a “if you are good all winter you can enjoy this 6 months from now” type of gift. Or you could fill your bathtub full of sand. It’s your call.


Your daughter will love you for a few minutes after she enjoys the doll you secretly purchased to remind you of your dream getaway in Hawaii. While your baby girl sways her doll to the pretend Hawaiian music, you can imagine what it’s like to chomp into a fresh pineapple fruit and have the juices drip down your chin. Dream about collecting bottles of black sand to show off to your friends. Plundering a live volcano and bringing your volcanic rock back to your bathroom so only smells of ash and hot lava emanate from your commode.


Let’s face it. Your kid’s room could use a makeover for 2014 after you tell your kids to clean it (and end up cleaning it yourself) for the 1 millionth time. This calming piece on BitDazzle, from Tiny By Design could set the tone for the colors you choose to decorate the room while it’s clean for a few hours, and subtly send the message that a community will always be more powerful than the elitist parrot.

For Free


If you are a card sending sort of person and love Bitcoins, this Bitcoin themed Christmas card set could open up a conversation on why you go berzerk for Bitcoins. This card is made available free of charge by reddit user 1923and1939.


Nothing says “I love you” like giving away free money. These paper wallets are a great way to be a good little Bitcoin Baron to all you know. This could even be an eye raising stocking stuffer. I would recommend covering up those naked private keys though.

You seasoned Bitcoiners should know that all these prices are probably wrong due to Bitcoin’s volatility. Don’t let that stop you, though. Go on and check out these cool shops! If you have any other Bitcoin businesses you want to recommend, share them in the comments.