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Bay Area’s Leading Poverty-Fighters Recently Accepted Their First Bitcoin

Op-ed - Bay Area’s Leading Poverty-Fighters Recently Accepted Their First Bitcoin

The Bay Area's leading poverty-fighting organization recently accepted its first Bitcoin donation. Bart and Brad Stephens of Stephens Investment Management donated 20 bitcoins to Tipping Point Community on February 6.

"Bitcoin is a disruptive innovation in the field of financial technology,” Bart Stephens said. “Tipping Point is an innovator and a disruptive force in philanthropy. We have supported Tipping Point since its inception and we are excited by this pioneering gift. Both Tipping Point and Bitcoin share a bright future, bringing benefits to consumers and families in need alike.

"Tipping Point Community helps donors find, fund and partner with the Bay Area’s most effective organizations serving individuals and families. Because Tipping Point's board underwrites all operating and fundraising expenses, 100 of every dollar donated goes directly toward the fight against poverty. Since 2005, Tipping Point has raised more than $60 million and has reached nearly 250,000 people in need.

"Tipping Point and our donors are always seeking new ways to improve our community," said Daniel Lurie, CEO and Founder of Tipping Point. "Bitcoin is still in its early days, but we are excited at the prospect of it as an additional resource in the fight against poverty."Stephens Investment Management is a boutique investment firm managing a family of financial products including hedge funds, sector-focused venture funds, an income fund, a real estate fund, a fund-of-funds, and private company direct investments.

If you would like to donate to Tipping Point and join the fight against poverty in the Bay Area, please contact Sophie Jaggi at