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This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital

Crypto20, the world’s first tokenized cryptocurrency index fund which holds the top crypto assets including bitcoin, has officially been operational for four years. We’re incredibly grateful for the calibre of investors who have joined us on our journey and are eager to continue to deliver access to democratized financial products that are efficient and affordable to people around the globe, regardless of socioeconomic status.

The nascent 2017 crypto market was notably different to today’s market and C20 has proven its ability to track the market with its weekly rebalancing and maximum asset cap of 10% rulesets, which were developed using extensive backtesting and data science.

A tokenized crypto index that provides investors exposure to the top-20 crypto assets by market capitalization, C20’s underlying assets have also changed drastically. From dash and XMR to now SOL and UNI, many of C20’s components have changed over time — an accurate representation of the dynamic and innovative crypto industry. Through C20, investors achieve complete exposure to this rapidly evolving alternative asset class.

The Invictus team is constantly looking for new ways to improve the risk-adjusted return profiles of its funds — essentially allowing investors to receive higher returns for the same (or lower) level of risk taken. In 2020, the team introduced operational efficiency improvements for C20 generating approximately $20,000 to $40,000 in additional net monthly yield for the fund.

C20 offers investors diversification, minimal costs, transparency and the benefit of additional yield generation on the underlying assets which is managed by the experienced fund management team. With crypto on the cusp of extensive institutional adoption, investors are on the brink of exponential growth. The first listed U.S. crypto ETF, with $1 billion in trading volume on its first day, gave us a glimpse into the massive level of institutional interest in crypto. In turn, the outlook for the top cryptos and C20 looks optimistic.

C20 provides investors an excellent opportunity to achieve exposure to the broad crypto market. Visit the website to learn more about how the fund works and the historical performance of the fund.