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Want More Bitcoin? A Look at CEBE and Bitcoin Expo 2014

Op-ed - Want More Bitcoin? A Look at CEBE and Bitcoin Expo 2014

Since the introduction of Bitcoin the crypto-community has achieved exponential growth strongly driven by monthly meetups, yearly conferences, and exciting events. With a focus on the global Bitcoin economy, organizations like the Bitcoin Foundation and Bitcoin Embassies in the US and around the world have continued to provide education and support to the Bitcoin ecosystem. Now more than ever there is an increased number of conferences and expos scheduled in regions that would have been nearly impossible years ago. With a strong focus on the future of Bitcoin and virtual currencies, upcoming conferences like the upcoming Central Europe Bitcoin Expo (CEBE) in Vienna and Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Shanghai prove the point that Bitcoin is here to stay.

This summer, CEBE will focus on Bitcoin in Central Europe, primarily on businesses in countries including Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland. It will be the first and biggest Bitcoin conference in the area, and will introduce the potential of Bitcoin and virtual currencies to individuals and businesses that are not familiar with its potential. The Central European Bitcoin Expo will take place from May 31st to June 1st and will feature speakers from leading companies in the Bitcoin space, along with other local European speakers.

Speakers will include Dan Held, Developer of Product for Blockchain, Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin, VP Product Development for Yacuna AG Stanislav Wolf, and many others. The two-day conference has a full schedule of events for any person wanting knowledge and experience with Bitcoin and virtual currencies. CEBE’s main aim is to spread information about Bitcoin throughout the region of Central Europe and find new entrepreneurs, innovators and customers. Also scheduled to take place at Austria Center Vienna is a Bitcoin Run, entitled RunaBit along with the region’s first Bitcoin party.

If the CEBE leaves you wanting more Bitcoin, there will be more to learn at another future event taking place in September 2014 in Shanghai. Bitcoin Expo 2014 will be the second conference to take place in China, but will predominantly focus on providing the bridge for start-ups, service providers and established traders that will bridge the Asia-gap. Shanghai is the financial center for one of the largest economies in the world. “We believe the conference in Shanghai will help many western entrepreneurs make new connections, explore the potential and cooperate on new projects,” a spokesperson stated.

Much like the conference being held in Central Europe, Bitcoin Expo 2014 will feature speeches from leaders in the industry as well as others from around the world. The three-day event will be one of the largest Bitcoin conferences to take place in China this year, and will help to drive the awareness of cryptocurrency, its benefits, challenges, and Bitcoin’s potential for the future of business. The conference will also allow businesses to present their ideas in order to search for potential investors and mentors.

Both CEBE and Bitcoin Expo 2014 are being organized by the same group that brought Bitcoiners the Bitcoin Expo London in 2013. Both conferences are aiming at the same goal – promoting mainstream adoption between individuals and businesses to express the potential Bitcoin can provide to the future global economy. The Central Europe Bitcoin Expo is currently selling advance tickets for the event, and it is expected that over 500 will be in attendance. Moreover, Bitcoin Expo 2014 China will look to surpass 5,000 attendees during the three-day event in September.

For those seeking more Bitcoin knowledge, these two events will be filled with expertise and experience from some of the community’s most innovative and brightest minds.