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Bitcoin Expo 2014 Announced for Shanghai

Op-ed - Bitcoin Expo 2014 Announced for Shanghai

The year 2014 has not even started, and already many Bitcoin conferences, including events in Miami, Toronto, Manila (Philippines) and a Bitcoin Foundation event in Amsterdam, have been announced. Now, the Bitcoin Expo 2014 is adding to the list another event, planned to take place in September 2014 in China.

The conference’s official description reads:

BitcoinExpo China 2014 is a three day conference and expo that will take place in Shanghai in September 2014. It aims to provide the bridge for many start-ups, service providers, and established traders to cross the Asia-gap. Presence of general public, prominent media, local delegates, and local market key players, makes this Bitcoin conference a valuable opportunity for your business entering the local market, or Asian supply chains.

The Chinese community has been rushing into Bitcoin at breakneck speed since the first signs of adoption started appearing in April this year, with an online store accepting the currency and a charity taking BTC in a one-time flood relief effort and receiving over $30000 worth of Bitcoin donations in two days. Since then, Chinese downloads of Bitcoin software have overtaken the United States, a subsidiary of the “Chinese Google” Baidu has started accepting it, and Chinese regulatory agencies have even come out to say that they will not be regulating Bitcoin for the time being.

With this in mind, the conference’s organizers are very optimistic, aiming to attract 5000 attendees. At this point, very little is set in stone; sponsorship offers are wide open for anyone who wants to take them. Anyone interested in speaking should contact the conference organizers. Enjoy another great Bitcoin conference!