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This is a promoted story provided by Bitcoin Black Friday.

For 2021, Bitcoin Black Friday is more than just a single day to get some of the best deals on Bitcoin-related items. Running from November 26 to December 26, 2021, this year’s month-long rendition of the holiday will see all proceeds raised through donated to the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, a nonprofit that provides humanitarian aid to the regions around the world that need it most.

And central to the Bitcoin Black Friday missions of supporting the BTC circular economy and raising these critical donations has been Arculus, a secure cold storage bitcoin wallet solution and the main sponsor of the event.

As a permissionless value system free from any third party influence, Bitcoin can have a relatively high barrier of entry for new users — particularly around the security of their funds. Many new bitcoin investors tend to leave their BTC on the exchanges that they used to buy it in the first place, but this is not a best practice as it necessitates trust in the exchange providers to safely maintain these funds (Bitcoin’s history is rife with examples of this going wrong). Bitcoin has no built-in insurance policy and there is no helpline to call if the private keys used to control your bitcoin are forgotten or stolen.

So, many seasoned Bitcoiners turn to cold storage solutions to protect their private keys themselves, known as hardware wallets. These wallets come in all shapes and sizes, but Arculus offers a particularly user-friendly and sleek version.

Arculus’ solution utilizes cutting-edge security that doesn’t rely on cords or Bluetooth to protect your bitcoin. The Arculus Key Card and Arculus Wallet App are paired together using secure, three-factor authentication and an encrypted NFC connection. It’s easy to use, with all of the hardware inside a discreet, metal card.

The Arculus bitcoin wallet solution.

The Arculus bitcoin wallet solution.

As the main sponsor of Bitcoin Black Friday, Arculus is also offering a particularly tempting deal as part of the holiday, too. Customers can receive 10% off at checkout when purchasing the Arculus Key bitcoin cold storage solution until the end of the year.