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The world is about to change forever as today is the last day on planet Earth where bitcoin won’t be legal tender somewhere. Because tomorrow, BTC officially becomes legal tender in El Salvador, marking a historic milestone in Bitcoin’s journey to becoming the world reserve currency.

To jump-start bitcoin usage in El Salvador, citizens will have the option to receive a free $30 in BTC via the government’s Chivo wallet app. This is to incentivize El Salvadorians to get off 0 and start using the world’s hardest money in their everyday lives.

This has sparked a lot of enthusiasm and excitement amongst Bitcoiners from all over the world who are eager to participate in this event. Bitcoiners tend to start and pick up trends very quickly, so it was no surprise to me to see a gigantic Reddit thread of Bitcoiners from all over the world coordinating the time on September 7th where they’d all buy their $30 in BTC to celebrate this landmark achievement.

This trend spread like wildfire with people spreading the message across many different social media platforms, especially Twitter, where even heavy hitters like MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, used his massive platform to ask people “Will you join us?” in buying $30 in BTC tomorrow. The post was met with thousands of likes, retweets, and hundreds of comments from individuals planning on participating in the event.

Many located in the famous Bitcoin Beach in El Zonte, have already been using bitcoin as a means of exchange. The Chief Strategy Officer at the Humans Rights Foundation, Alex Gladstein, is in El Zonte at the time of writing this and he recently showcased just how easy it is to use BTC as a currency in this video where he pays for his coffee in bitcoin:

So as of tomorrow, BTC is set to become legal tender and Bitcoiners from all over the world are ready to give the people of El Salvador a warm welcome to Bitcoin. Coordination on events like this really shows the camaraderie amongst people fighting in this monetary revolution with the goal of fixing the money, thus fixing the world. This revolution is not being televised, it is being broadcasted through niche areas on social media.