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In this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” Aaron van Wirdum spoke with Jorge Valenzuela and Roman Martinez, aka Chimbera, two community leaders from the Bitcoin Beach project in El Zonte, El Salvador.

Valenzuela and Martinez told the history of the Hope House, the heart of the Bitcoin Beach project, which aims to offer local youth a sense of community and perspective. They explained how their efforts have in recent years come to integrate Bitcoin, and what that process looked like.

Valenzuela and Martinez went on to explain how El Zonte has quickly grown to be a Bitcoin hotspot in El Salvador and Central America, and how this has changed the lives of people in the coastal surfer town.

From there, the Bitcoin Beach community leaders explained how the country of El Salvador adopted the new law to make bitcoin legal tender, and how they received the new law in El Zonte. They also discussed what they think the rest of the country thinks of the new law.

Finally, Valenzuela and Martinez speculated about what the Bitcoin law could mean for El Zonte and El Salvador moving forward, and how bitcoiners from all around the world can help make the initiative a success.