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For this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Meet The Taco Plebs,” I was joined by The Littlest Bitcoin Boomer (@littlesthodler), an optimistic, sat-stacking pleb.

We started off this interview by going over The Littlest Bitcoin Boomer’s rabbit hole story, diving into what brought him to Bitcoin. Littlest shares he was going through a rough patch in his life, making bad decisions and being dishonest. Then he found Bitcoin, and his life did a complete 180. He shared how Bitcoin changed him and why Bitcoin reinforced good habits. He jumped onto Twitter to look for more discussion about Bitcoin, found the plebs and joined. I like to say that the taco plebs are like a pack of wolves. The wolves take care and look after each other, while defending against and attacking any threat that is present.

Littlest also shared some of his insights as to what’s going on over in Canada with the monthly $2,000 stimulus checks, and its “shaky liberal government.”

He then shared how he loves Bitcoin’s equality and why it’s great. He explained that everyone stacks the sats they deserve. It’s another form of proof of work, you put in the work to earn fiat (or bitcoin straight up) to then buy and HODL bitcoin. You get to choose how much effort you put into stacking, and no one has an advantage over you. Everyone plays by the same rules, and no one can change that. It is up to the individual now to stack as much as they want.

We go into how rules, not rulers, are what is important to Bitcoin. We discussed how Bitcoin levels the playing field and why I think the plebs are going to dominate in the future. Why? Because they are hardworking, smart and passionate individuals who do what’s best for ourselves and Bitcoin. This conversation got me really bullish, and I know it will make you bullish as well.

Below are some of Littlest’s most interesting thoughts shared during the interview. And be sure to check out the full episode for more.

How Did You Find Bitcoin And Fall Down The Rabbit Hole?

The short version is, a series of poor life choices put me on a path a few years back that I slowly came to realize wasn’t going to get my life where I wanted it and wasn’t going to provide the life that my wife and kids deserve. Poor self-discipline and no financial knowledge put me on a path to ruin that started affecting my relationships that came to a head in 2018. I met with councilors (mental and financial) and got my spending under control and it was amazing how quickly my mental health turned around — things got better.

When I started to get ahead in life I started thinking about the future, which led me to learn more about bitcoin and some altcoins. I have always been into tech so I knew about bitcoin, but jumping into bitcoin Twitter and YouTube opened my eyes to how corrupt the fiat system was, and how if I didn’t put my money somewhere safe it wouldn’t matter if I turned my life around or not if my savings became worth $0. Like many, I did get into a few alts under that “get rich quick” mentality, but after a few months of podcasts, articles, etc., it was clear that the vision of bitcoin was vital, and it’s what made it special and different from the shitcoins.

I dumped my bags into bitcoin and have been a maximalist ever since. I was very lucky, but a number of people have told me it was strange that I got in during a bear market when the hype is low. What made a huge difference, and I can’t stress this enough, was the upcoming Halving. While I like the “NGU tech” memes as much as everyone else, the Halving events are the best time to learn about bitcoin from the outside, because the chatter is focused on the “why” of the Halving, and why these events make bitcoin the best money the world has ever known.

How Has Bitcoin Changed Your Life?

This is explained in a thread I did a couple of weeks back that seemed to really resonate with people. The biggest way that bitcoin has changed my life is simple — when you are hopeful for the future you can escape nihilism and become who you are supposed to be. Once I came to the conclusion that bitcoin was the only thing that is going to save us from corrupt governments and disastrous Federal bank policies and I had a stake in this revolution, it allowed me to continue focusing on myself and my relationships and kept me from relapsing back into bad habits that had threatened to destroy the life I wanted to have. When you have hope for the future, you work hard to make sure that the future is bright. That’s what bitcoin did for me.

What Is The Most Amazing Thing About Bitcoin To You?

Equality. You can reference 1,000 ways the fiat system is stacked against regular people. Call it the Cantillon effect, nepotism, elitism, whatever, even being lucky enough to be born into a middle class in a Western country, so many things about our system are stacked against us. With the hard cap of 21 million coins, regular people have a chance to become part of a system that doesn’t care if people were born millionaires, have a parent that is head of a central bank or are millionaire athletes. Grab your sats and HODL, and the deflationary rules of bitcoin will make sure your wealth grows.

What Are You Most Looking Forward To In The Bitcoin Space?

I am looking forward to new businesses and services built by people within the bitcoin space. Sure it’s cool that PayPal and Visa are getting into the game, but it’s by their old rules and their old assumptions coming from a fiat system. Companies like BTCPay, Fold, CryptoCloaks, Privacy Pros, BitPiggy and projects like the Lightning Network, are building their models around bitcoin and using it as a starting point. These are the companies that are going to be out ahead with strong community support and great models moving into the future. I guess my answer is: I am looking forward to more companies by bitcoiners, for bitcoiners.

What Is Your Price Prediction For The End Of 2021 And The End Of 2030?

Ah! How to answer this without being yelled at for being bearish?!?! Since the price flattened out a couple of weeks ago it has been moving from $73,000 to $75,000 here in Canada so I don’t see any way it doesn’t hit well above $100,000 in The Great White North by the end of 2021. As far as 2030 goes, I can honestly say I don’t care. It’s going to be some foolishly high “we told you so” number and we will all look back at these shitposting days on Twitter with fondness as we quietly smile at nocoiners spending thousands of dollars for a handful of sats.