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Bittylicious Goes International

Op-ed - Bittylicious Goes International

London: Bittylicious expands services to international market.

Bittylicious, the UK-based startup enabling users to buy Bitcoins with British Pounds, has expanded its service into the Netherlands, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

The new service enables users in the Netherlands to pay in Euros via SEPA. In South Africa, users may pay in S.A. Rand via FNB bank, and in the Czech Republic, users pay in Czech Koruna.

Bittylicious aims to offer users an easy way to acquire Bitcoins. New users can purchase a small amount of Bitcoins without registering, although larger amounts require various account verification methods.

New users enter their Bitcoin wallet address and email, and then have 30 minutes to pay via any participating bank. Upon confirmation, the corresponding value in BTC are transferred to the user’s wallet, usually within 30 minutes.

Bittylicious hopes that increasing the global availability of their system will help to promote Bitcoins as a legitimate and useful alternative currency, and that it will be of particular benefit in those countries where there is a significant price difference between local exchanges and rates on the larger global exchanges.

In addition to the three new countries, Bittylicious is looking to expand further and is interested in cooperating with Bitcoin sellers in other countries to explore further expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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