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Cointerra Announces GoldStrike1 ASIC

Op-ed - Cointerra Announces GoldStrike1 ASIC

Cointerra, the Austin, Texas based ASIC Bitcoin mining hardware firm has announced its completion of the design of the new “Goldstrike1” mining processor. The final circuit design, known as a ‘tape out’, is the last process in the design stage before actual manufacture.

 Based on a 28 nanometer ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chip designed in collaboration with California based Open Silicon and forged at Global Foundries, it represents the latest development in the “arms race” for the fastest and most efficient Bitcoin mining hardware.

A spokesman for Cointerra says the new chip will be in all of its December and January shipments of its batch 1 and batch 2 Terraminer systems with new batch 3 Terraminer systems expected to ship in February of 2014.

The Cointerra announcement follows:

CoinTerra®, ( the performance and value leader in ASIC Bitcoin mining solutions, and design partner Open-Silicon® ( today announce the tape out of GoldStrike1™ 28nm ASIC Chip.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) November 08, 2013

 The GoldStrike1 ASIC will provide CoinTerra’s customers with the highest performance Bitcoin mining equipment in the market at the lowest price and the lowest power consumption. The ASIC is expected to exceed 500 Gh/s in hash performance, packing around 1.5 GH/s per mm2 while consuming less than 0.6 W per Gh/s.

CoinTerra’s chip will lead the market in two important metrics: Gigahash per unit die area (Gh/mm2) and energy per hash (J/Gh). These measures guarantee the lowest price and operating cost, and are essential in providing long term ROI for Bitcoin miners.

“In Bitcoin mining hardware, the factors that matter the most are the speed of hashing and the consumption of power. The CoinTerra GoldStrike1 based TerraMiner series is poised to be the leanest and most powerful Bitcoin mining line in the market.” Ravi Iyengar, CEO – CoinTerra Inc.

The GoldStrike1 chip is fabricated at Global Foundries using the 28nm HPP process, ensuring high clock speed and performance, at lowest possible power consumption. CoinTerra’s manufacturing and production lines stand ready for the arrival of the GoldStrike1.

“CoinTerra is an exciting company with an industry leading roadmap and several challenging ASICs on the roadmap. The first generation device required pushing boundaries on thermal, timing and power. Open-Silicon is pleased with the results of this design.” – Naveed Sherwani, CEO – Open-Silicon, Inc.

With the first two batches of TerraMiners now sold out, CoinTerra is opening sales of TerraMiner batch 3 with delivery in February 2014.