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BitGive Foundation: First Bitcoin Charity Launched

Op-ed - BitGive Foundation: First Bitcoin Charity Launched

Bitcoin Magazine is proud to announce the launch of BitGive Foundation, the first Bitcoin charity! BitGive is a non-profit foundation (IRS 501c3 status is pending) accepting donations from the greater Bitcoin community and offering charitable gifts to environmental and public health causes worldwide.

As Bitcoin continues to grow in prominence and utility, BitGive Foundation provides the opportunity for you to give to those in need in the most expedient and efficient way: through the Bitcoin currency! The BitGive Foundation will provide charitable donations on behalf of the growing Bitcoin community. BitGive is a non-profit foundation that is accepting donations from the Bitcoin community and providing charitable gifts to environmental and public health causes worldwide on behalf of the Bitcoin community.

Connie Gallippi, Executive Director of the new organization, says, “The long-term potential of the foundation is tremendous. The expected increase in value of Bitcoin will make donations grow over time, giving the foundation more financial stability and increasing funds to provide to charitable causes.” With the anticipated growth in Bitcoin value, usage, and business opportunities, BitGive also anticipates an ever-growing community to provide donations, including investors and businesses with increasing profit margins related to Bitcoin and business investment gains.

Bitcoin Magazine had an opportunity to interview BitGive Foundation’s Executive Director, Connie Gallippi at the New York City Inside Bitcoins Conference.

Bitcoin Magazine : When did you first hear about Bitcoin?

Connie Gallippi: I heard about Bitcoin years ago when my brother, Tony Gallippi, first got involved. I thought it was fascinating and I could really see potential for Bitcoin to make significant change.

BM: What was it about Bitcoin that you found interesting?

CG: That’s a tough one… EVERYTHING about it is fascinating. Bitcoin can literally change the world!

BM: When did you first get the idea for the BitGive Foundation and what inspired you to create the BitGive Foundation?

CG: The idea came when I attended the Bitcoin Conference in San Jose this past May. Being in that space with tons of energy, brilliant people, and interested investors, I saw tremendous potential for Bitcoin to lead to significant financial gains across the board. My background is in nonprofits so I naturally wanted to find a way to capture some of the potential of Bitcoin for charitable causes.

BM: Where do you see BitGive going in a year?

CG: I would love to see us get enough donations in the door that we can be giving gifts in a way that can actually create significant change.

BM: What makes your Foundation stand out in comparison to other businesses utilizing Bitcoin?

CG: BitGive is a nonprofit foundation for charitable giving and is completely different than other for profit startups and other companies in the Bitcoin space.

BM: If I an individual is looking to contribute BTC to your foundation, how can they do so?

CG: We have a donation button on our website and it automatically goes right to our account. Check out

BitGive’s Board of Directors includes Stephen Pair co-founder and CTO of BitPay, Inc.; Patrick Murck, legal counsel at the Bitcoin Foundation; and Madeline Finch, who has a background in the non-profit foundation community. BitGive has also received support from Tony Gallippi, co-founder and CEO of BitPay, Inc. and the legal expertise of Lorri Dunsmore, Jacob Farber, and Jane Frissell at Perkins Coie, LLP.

For further info, please contact BitGive’s Executive Director, Connie Gallippi, at 1-916-625-6BIT.