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My Experience on Wheel of Doge

Op-ed - My Experience on Wheel of Doge

While on the web not too long ago, I found a website called Wheel of Doge. It’s a Dogecoin betting game.

I had some extra Dogecoin lying around, so I decided to give it a shot. Why not?

The first thing I noticed on the website was that the user interface was visually appealing, colorful, and engaging – It drew me in. After quickly getting the hang of the game, the adventure began. What ensued was a roller coaster of wins and losses, but and overall exhilarating experience.

Click. Spin. Win Doge.

Click Spin. Lose Doge. :[

Click Spin. Win Again.

After every click, happy barks and sad whimpers were emitted from my computer speaker. The happy barks made me want to emerge as The Doge Champion. The sad whimpers made me want to do the same.

Now, I’m very aware that excessive gambling is a serious disease, and that it can potentially destroy lives. But it’s so fun! Seriously, watch out kids. When you’re in the zone, crazy things can happen. Most of the time, you lose track of time and money.

After what seemed like 5 minutes of playing, I realized that an hour had flew by. After being taken on this ride, I began to wonder how it happened.

What was it about Wheel of Doge that kept me clicking and playing?

I contacted the creators of The Wheel of Doge, and found out the answer: Wheel of Doge was created by expert game developers and designers.

The head developer at Wheel of Doge, Jake, notes:

“Dogecoin has come very far. But the aesthetics are still sorely lacking in the Dogecoin space. We wanted to fix that. We love games and we love design … We wanted to represent Dogecoin with something elegant and simple … A game the community would enjoy and be proud of. I believe we’ve done that.”

After I finished playing, the Dogecoin withdrawal was quick. Another thing I liked about the game was that I left the site and returned, and my Doge balance remained on the site.

I asked the team about what led to the creation of the game; here’s what they had to say:

“We looked at the Dogecoin betting games available. We saw nothing particularly good. There was no attention to aesthetics and no respect for the Dogecoin brand. We love games and we love design. We wanted to represent Dogecoin with something elegant and simple; a game the community would enjoy and be proud of. We’re coming out of beta and we’re busy adding the features the community asked for. Specifically, for functionality, we have added an auto-spin. A lot of people asked for that, so we built it. Also, to allow our players to benefit from the success of the game, we’ve built a really easy to use affiliate program and ‘Be The Bank’ feature.”

Wheel of Doge is hoping to be the leading game in the Dogecoin space by providing many fun and much Dogecoin for their supporters.

Check it out here.