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Op-ed - The Next New Bitcoin Price Checker!

I do not know about you, but often times, I find it difficult to select the best Bitcoin pricing index. Just recently I learned of, created by Rich Morgan, software developer at BitPay and longtime Bitcoin fan. Rich chose to create a more reliable pricing average and pull from BitStamp, BTC-E, CampBx and BitFinex. With a goal of creating a clearer pricing site, even the white background of allows the bolded black prices and average to stand out.

Prior to learning about, I used to be a fan of Bitcoin Wisdom. Still a valid pricing index, Bitcoin Wisdom just doesn't have as clear of a display of pricing for those who want a quick average. An additional benefit of is its clear mobile interface with a still clear listing of pricing and the average. Still including an average pricing chart like Bitcoin Wisdom, places greater emphasis on the average price.

For those of us who tend to get distracted looking at chart after chart, is a solution to provide that 30-second break from work for a price check but alleviates the temptation for continual analysis of chart after chart. Additionally, with such a solid mobile interface, one can easily check out the price of Bitcoin while walking from one appointment to another. The pricing index you choose to use is up to you, but I enjoy a quick glance at an average price of BTC rather than feeling inundated in charts.

So, why am I so excited about This site is an example of two Bitcoiners seeing an apparent need in the Bitcoin community and taking action to improve the quality of user experience. There is tremendous value in individuals getting involved to better the Bitcoin user experience and set Bitcoin up for further mass adoption. If we need to get grandparents involved in Bitcoin, why not have a CLEAR and larger font average price! Bitcoin Wisdom and other pricing indexes which delve more in depth are certainly great for those who like analyzing chart by chart, but provides not only an average price but also a desirable user interface.

Feel free to check out Also, if you would like to display a different arrangement of exchange pricing, why not create a site? The more pricing sites, the better opportunity to loop in a wider Bitcoin user base.