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Canadian bitcoin company Bull Bitcoin has launched a new service to help anyone install, secure, and manage a self-custody bitcoin wallet, the company said in a statement Monday.

Bitcoin Support aims to aid new Bitcoin users in becoming self-sovereign over their bitcoin holdings through one-on-one telephone calls. Users can choose to get assistance setting up a mobile wallet, a desktop wallet, or a hardware wallet. Bitcoin Support also offers a privacy-focused package, where it would walk the user through the necessary steps to trustlessly CoinJoin their BTC in a desktop wallet.

The user can’t choose a wallet they prefer, however. For the mobile offering, Bitcoin Support will charge $100 to aid the configuration of Blue Wallet in a 30-minute call, whereas in the desktop package, it will ask for $125 to help the user set up Wasabi Wallet over a 45-minute call. CoinJoins will also leverage Wasabi and cost the user $275 for a 90-minute one-on-one telephone call. Users have the choice to pay in bitcoin for all services.

For those interested in leveraging cold storage, Bitcoin Support will ship them a Coldcard from CoinKite and help with the proper configuration and backup. The company charges $350 for this service and expects the setup support to be performed in 60 minutes. Whereas all other options require only an email address, the user must provide shipping information to receive the Coldcard.

Bull Bitcoin founder Francis Pouliot told Bitcoin Magazine the company has a data-deleting policy similar to CoinKite, in which it erases shopping details after the service is completed. A privacy-conscious user can also leverage a P.O. box, for instance, if they wish not to disclose their home address.

Bitcoin Support said it provides free DIY guides users can use to configure a wallet of their choice, and paid, on-demand help is available if they fail to do proper setup on their own.

Bull Bitcoin is a bitcoin exchange founded in 2015 in Canada that allows users to buy and sell BTC while retaining control over their funds. Interaction with Bull Bitcoin’s platform is made entirely through the user’s own bitcoin wallet.