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Discussing Personal Finance And Bitcoin

Discussing the responsibility that Bitcoiners have to help their loved ones solve their personal financial problems.

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Personal finance is one of the biggest struggles for the average person today. But many Bitcoiners claim that Bitcoin has been a pivotal part of their own personal finance journey, offering an avenue for so many people around the world to use to overcome that common struggle. 

Brian Harrington is one such advocate for Bitcoin as a personal financial tool. He thinks that Bitcoiners should actively help their family as part of their own Bitcoin journey.

To Harrington, Bitcoin is both a mindset and a lifestyle. He does not think it is helpful for Bitcoiners to keep their Bitcoin journey private from their families. 

On this episode of the "Bitcoin Magazine Podcast," Harrington discussed the three buckets of personal finance and how Bitcoiners can and should integrate Bitcoin into all three. 

"Bitcoin is happening now," Harrington said, "its not something we should just wait for."

Harrington wants to see Bitcoiners push this mission forward in their communities today. It could just help people around the world overcome one of their biggest, shared struggles.