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Dark Wallet Walkthrough

Op-ed - Dark Wallet Walkthrough

Darkwallet instructional


Hi I’m Amanda Johnson, a writer at Bitcoin Magazine and I’m here to show you how to install and use the features of the Dark Wallet.

It is currently in it’s 6th version of alpha testing and this means it is known to be unstable. You can use the wallet with testnet Bitcoins or real Bitcoin.

Go to The Dark Wallet runs in Chrome and Firefox browsers. Go ahead and get the source code zip file from the github page. Once you’ve unzipped the file, navigate to the Chrome extension url you see. Once there, click load the unpacked extension. Make sure you are in developer mode. When the install has completed you will see the inverted triangle / Dark Wallet logo at the top right.

Start a new wallet. You’ll be shown a new wallet seed. Write it down to access your wallet in the future.

It comes preloaded with three pockets labeled spending, business, and savings. You have the ability to send Bitcoin and keep a list of contacts. You also have the ability to chat and send questions directly to the Dark Wallet team.

You can reveal your seed, assign a password to your seed, and verify that you are connected to unsystem’s servers. You can also change your base unit from BTC to mBTC or bits. You also have the ability to change your local currency from USD to Euros or several other currencies like the Dram, Peso, or Franc.

You have the ability to import existing multisig wallets or create a new one.

The stealth address generates new Bitcoin addresses for each transaction.

Let us know what other Bitcoin software you would like to learn about. Cheers.


  • We (Ruben, Paige, and I) tried only using the testnet, but that wasn’t functional during our tests.
  • The other thing we noted is transactions take much longer than traditional Bitcoin transactions. We were seeing transactions show up after 20-30 minutes and longer if CoinJoin was enabled.
  • Unlike some Bitcoin wallets you have the ability to view your seed passphrase if you’ve forgotten it.
  • You can find a list of obelisk servers here.
  • Dark Wallet stealth addresses are 102 characters long. They automatically generate a new public key for each transaction.
  • Dark Wallet’s indiegogo campaign ran from October 2013 to December 2013 raised $2,075 dollars over their $50,000 fundraiser goal. They raised an additional 63.25 Bitcoins that wasn’t tracked by indiegogo.
  • According to the indiegogo comments, several customers still haven’t received their cold storage cards or t-shirts associated with certain donation tiers.
  • The highest donation tier on their indiegogo campaign was $5000 and included a flight to Europe to hang out with Amir Taaki and Cody Wilson along with the swag from the previous donation tiers.
  • The Dark Wallet github page shows 34 open issues and 107 closed issues.

Some of the notable open issues are:

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