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Decentral Announces 2015 Canadian Blockchain and Fintech Expo

Op-ed - Decentral Announces 2015 Canadian Blockchain and Fintech Expo

Decentral, Toronto’s home to tech start-ups, announced it’s organizing the 2015 Canadian Blockchain and Fintech Expo for the second week of September as a follow up to last year’s successful Bitcoin Expo.

Toronto will again play host to Bitcoin enthusiasts as event organizers assemble a growing list of all-star speakers for the Expo, including Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood and Anthony Di Iorio of Ethereum, David Johnston of DApps Fund, Matthew Roszak of Tally Capital, Brock Pierce of ChangeTip, Tether, and the Bitcoin Foundation, David Bailey of BTC Media, Joel Dietz of Swarm, Paul Snow of Factum, Shawn Wilkinson of Storj, Jason King of Sean’s Outpost, Jamie Robinson of QuickBT, Jeff Coleman of Kryptokit, William Mougayar of Start-Up Management, Michael Terpin of Social Radius, and Gerald Cotten of QuadrigaCX.

Event organizer Anthony Di Iorio explained that response from last year’s Expo prompted the follow-up conference for this fall, adding September was chosen to avoid conflicts with summer holiday schedules.

“Given the amazing feedback we received from the previous event, it was decided that we’d to go for it again this year. Toronto is a great location for events like this, especially since such a large percentage of the Canadian population is within a five-hour drive of Toronto. It is also such a prominent financial and technology center that it just simply makes sense to hold an event here again,” Di Iorio told Decentral.

The event will also feature a two-day hackathon that will be held along with Canadian university students. Stepan Vorobiev, head of the University of Toronto Decentralized Tech Association, said the hackathon would help create a “clear vision with definitive actions on how to integrate these technologies into the current system,” Decentral reported.

Di Iorio organized last year’s Expo, which attracted over 50 speakers from across the globe and more than 700 attendants. Decentral will announce further information and updates, including Expo dates and location on its website.