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Bitcoin Trading Now Made Simpler with Coinarch


Six Exciting New Features and Free Brokerage from now until November 1, 2014

Coinarch has just added six new features to its bitcoin trading platform. Co Founder, Mark Hergott, commented saying, “these features will make it really simple for traders whilst giving them flexibility and complete control. Previously, users would have to unwind their trade in US dollars, however our changes mean they will now get to choose between bitcoin or US dollars, fundamentally saving the trader time and money”.

Features include:

  • Move to a brokerage model, providing tighter spreads across the platform so profits are made from smaller moves
  • Reduced Booster fees charged every six hours meaning traders only pay for the time their positions are open
  • Initial period charge based on time remaining in period rather than the full period
  • Booster fees dependant on leverage level
  • Ability to settle unwinds in BTC or USD
  • Long Booster and Maximiser positions are now funded using bitcoins first then USD

Hergott added “We think these new features are really innovative to the bitcoin trading world and we are excited about offering users something unique.

Coinarch is offering free brokerage on all trades from now until November 1, 2014. Visit for more information.