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Deutsche bank has forecasted an economic crisis following the rise of U.S. dollar inflation, making it a rare institutional voice to do so.

Contrary to the stance of many policymakers regarding the eventual effects of ongoing stimulus activities and decisions by the Federal Reserve, economists at Deutsche Bank predicted adverse effects of inflation, especially to the most vulnerable in society, in a recent analysis reported on by CNBC.

“The analysis especially points the finger at the Federal Reserve and its new framework in which it will tolerate higher inflation for the sake of a full and inclusive recovery,” per the report. “The firm contends that the Fed’s intention not to tighten policy until inflation shows a sustained rise will have dire impacts.”

“Neglecting inflation leaves global economies sitting on a time bomb,” a Deutsche analyst wrote.

Following the rise of the COVID-19 crisis, the Federal Reserve initiated a major, nearly $2 trillion inflationary stimulus package to bolster the shrinking economy. In this way, COVID-19 and the Fed directed many of those who are afraid of such inflation toward bitcoin investment.

With the global-scale devaluation of fiat currencies around the world, and rampant economic stimulus for policymakers, bitcoin will become all the more important. With a programmatic supply and freedom from control of third parties, like money printers, it represents hard, sound money in a time when that is becoming more and more difficult to find.